Steinberg Outines "PS3 Advantage"; Warns Competitors

Writing for Edge today, SCEA's VP of product marketing Scott Steinberg outlines his vision for PS3's future, and the benefits he believes will drive it to market dominance. In a Keynote, he covers the benefits Sony will be promoting to consumers this Holiday season. They include PS3's Blu-ray drive, first party games, PSN's increasingly diverse product portfolio and community features.

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Silogon3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

This guy bares a slight resemblance to Michael Pachter, doesn't he? Or is that just me? Anyways, what he says is well and good and I only hope they're working on these "new IP" but until we see the results we can't be sure. Right now Sony has to distance themselves from the competition by lowering the price of their system to a more consumer friendly price and they need to stop adding a bigger hdd and keeping the price the same.

Consumers want the Ps3, I believe they really would like to have one over the xbox 360 and certainly the wii, but they don't have the money for it. They damn sure don't have the money to support it and another system. Well, by and large. Some of us do, but the majority probably don't.

I'd like to see sony really come up with something to drive massive sales and more than just a week or 2 or a month. Some of these awesome Ps3 games just aren't selling like they should have and that's a shame. We can only hope as the install base grows more people look back at games like

Genji 2

And buy more copies of them. I say this cause they are actually all very, very good games. They just didn't bring about the sales they were suppose to.

Blip Blip3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

I think the only thing that could save the PS3 in N.A. this holiday, is a major price drop. People aren't going to lose their homes or choose not eat just to own blu-ray player.

Silogon3553d ago

Yeah, it's gonna be a pretty banged up Holiday for ol' Sony I fear. They're being outsold by both wii and xbox 360 in every region once again and in some of them badly.

I can't see a recoup from this and this will be the 3rd holiday season Sony walks away a big loser and in 3rd place for Holiday sales. They have to wake up and say to themselves

"Ps3 is awesom and we love it, but it's not made of gold and it can't turn water into wine, raise the dead or turn back the hands of time. We have to drop the price down to what it should've been last year"

They have to. They won't, but they have to. If not, Sony better get use to being more than 5 million behind their direct competition and more like 10 million behind.

Fishy Fingers3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

Yep... people said all the same rubbish last year. PS3 still outsold the 360.

You need to learn that what your saying is purely GUESS work on your part. You cant see the future so why talk like you can?

LOL @ disagrees...
PS3 outsold 360.... check
You CANT predict the future.... check

ah yes... I see what you disagree with ;)

SL1M DADDY3553d ago

You have to know when you say something logical against a fanboy argument, you are going to get attacked by the disagree nazis. It's just inevitable. As for what you posted, yes, you are 100% correct and for anybody to say otherwise is just fooling themselves. Some folks just can't seem to imagine a world that consists of more regions than North America... lol

Time_Is_On_My_Side3553d ago

Why do you think the Arcade model's price point is so significantly different from the Elite model's?

VF34EJ253553d ago

"People aren't going to lose their homes or choose not eat just to own blu-ray player."

People have much more money than you think, but In a way I agree with your statement.

There are those that cant afford to slip a single penny for "useless" entertainment needs.

But that just makes things more interesting.

StephanieBBB3553d ago

no offense really but I'm just glad that it's pay day from here on! :D

ConanOBrien3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

Not a surprise AT ALL, everyone knows. It would be a REAL SURPRISE if he talked about "Xbox360 Advantage" and not "PS3 Advantage". He gets paid for whom he works for. He's a SONY rep, a VP of product marketing, so... *facepalm*

It's clear all Sony can do for the holiday is "warning" competitors, and not "advertising" more or "cutting" the PS3 prices.

He sounda like pissed off, defensive i sense. Disagrees will follow next...

Saigon3553d ago

why is it that people always say games are not selling or Sony backed out on their promises...I don't get it...because everything I played exclusive or not...and everything I can do so far matches what they have said...if your worried about the games...looks what is coming out just for the month of Oct...then look at Nov...then look at Dec...Jan...Feb...Mar...the next six months are going to amazing...

AAACE53553d ago

You had me right there with you when you said people want a Ps3! But then you let the fanboy in you come out and say, " They want a Ps3 over a xbox 360 or a Wii!"

Why can't people want to have more than one system? Do you really feel somehow empowered that you own the most powerful console on the market right now? I hope not, I owned a Xbox 1 which was the most powerful last gen, and it didn't amount to much as you can see!

All 3 consoles offer something different for the consumers. It just all depends on personal choice!

OK, you are probably like most Ps3 owners and like the Ps3 controller. I feel the controller desigh is dated, and they still didn't tighten the tension for the analog stick, which made them too touchy for my taste! Also, I have big hands, and a small controller makes my hands cramp up after a while!

I still think it is good to play games on, especially because it has a better d-pad, but the 360 controller is more designed for someone like me! So even when I do buy a Ps3, I will still play the majority of my games on 360!

I noticed that last gen, when I realized I kept about 20 gamecube games, 30-35 Ps2 games, 55-60 Xbox games in my collection! I just had to accept the fact that I liked the xbox controller better. It was hard to accept, since I bought the xbox with some gift cards because there was nothing else for me to use them on, and I really didn't take the console seriously.

juuken3553d ago

Fishy should know better than that! You can't preach common sense in this section! It''s preposterous!

You're absolutely right though but most people here won't accept that. While I agree the PS3 needs another pricecut, the fact that the system is still expensive and people are still buying it says something there.

Blip Blip3553d ago

The PS3 has NEVER outsold the 360 during the holidays in N.A.

gamersday083553d ago

When the hype is gone, ppl will go back to PS3 again.

Ppl won't buy 360 and forget about PS3. As long as PS3 keeps pumping out AAA titles, ppl will see it and they'll buy PS3.

SONY gave PS3 a 10-year plan and they'll deliver. PS3 is just barely 2 years old now.

whoelse3553d ago

Yes, this is why im a PS3 gamer.

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thePatriot3553d ago

but how about we dont submit any ps3 news that arent about possible LBP beta keys untill they sony doesnt release any or the game releases. there is bleeding inside my chest becauze Im not playing it

SL1M DADDY3553d ago

From a Sony guy. Same would have been said about an MS rep, or a Nintendo rep for that matter. They all want to say this to encourage consumers. It's good to see they have fight in them, it makes for great competition and that always puts us, the consumers ahead as winners.

juuken3553d ago

Oh crap, not you too! Stop preaching common sense! The disagree bandits will get joo! >-<

You made an excellent point as well.

SL1M DADDY3553d ago

True. I have said it before and will say it again, I just wish the disagree folks would just post up a reason as to why they disagree. I can take criticisms and if they explain themselves it would be better than to see them just toss up a disagree. I like to hear other opposing views.

krakdol3553d ago

LittleBigPlanet alone kills the 360 and its whole lineup... And that's without the dozens of PS3 exclusives already out or about to come.

So yeah, Sony definitely has an advantage.

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