Videogamer: Pure Review

Videogamer writes: "If you think racing games are dull you clearly haven't played Disney Interactive Studios' Pure. Quad Bike racing games have always impressed with their big jumps and impressive draw distances, but they've struggled to generate the level of excitement gamers wanted. Pure is the most extreme extreme sports game we've ever played, delivering endless insane jumps, crazy tricks and some of the best visuals you're likely to see in a racing game this year. It doesn't half play well too. It's time to put your ATV preconceptions behind you.

Core to Pure is the trick and boost system. Tracks are littered with jumps and it's essential you catch big air from these and perform tricks while flying high (or not so high) in the sky. Simply driving off the top of a ramp won't do much, but if you pre-load a jump (pulling back on the left analogue stick) and then leap from the peak (push forward on the stick) you gain extra height and more time in the air. The more time you have, the more tricks you can perform (one of eight directions on the left analogue stick combined with a face button) and the more boost you earn."

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