NZGamer: Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball Review

NZGamer writes: "Pirates vs. Ninjas? It's an internet debate as old as Rock vs. Techno. Debated across the internet, from the coziest kid-friendly forum hiding out the back of to Barrens chat in Azeroth, the eternal question of "who would win?" has been jockied back and forth since the dawn of time.

Now, thanks to developer Blazing Lizard and publisher Gamecock, kids (and kids at heart) with an Xbox 360, access to the internet and a spare 800 space bucks can find out - via the competitive medium of video game dodgeball. Clearly, this is an issue that needed resolving and dodgeball is obviously the method by which our quest to determine a victor of this age-old contest should be decided. Obviously."

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