PS4 Exclusive Gran Turismo Sport Gets Glorious 1080p Screenshots; Reveals New Tracks and More

Sony Interactive Entertainment releases three new tracks and more with a new batch of Gran Turismo Sport screenshots.

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S2Killinit315d ago

this game is going to be awesome. I got my set up read to go!

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Vasto315d ago

After seeing what Turn 10 is doing with Forza on Scorpio I have lost interest in GT Sport.

Majin-vegeta315d ago

Sure buddy what ever you say😉

hercules_315d ago (Edited 315d ago )

our resident xbox cheerleader

mikeslemonade315d ago

Racing is lame. Should be photorealistic to the naked eye and it isn't there. Forza and GT are both underperforming to my standards.

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jhoward585314d ago

To mikeslemonade
Should be photorealistic to the naked eye and it isn't there. Forza and GT are both underperforming to my standards. My friend me and you think alike. Photorealistic graphics can be accomplished by having lots of light source and effects as opposed to having high res textures.

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Bigpappy315d ago

I am sure this game will look fantastic in 1080p or Checker Board upscaling. But GT will do well just one name alone. Its dominated sim driving for a very long stretch.

ZeroX9876315d ago

Um, PC have been graphically running driving games way better than any consoles out there (including Forza Horizon 3 as of not so long ago).
The thing is, I always bought a Playstation console for their exclusives since the PS1 and the gran turismo series is one of the major reasons why I still buy a Playstation even up to this day alongside my PC.

BadBoyC315d ago

Judging from your comment history I seriously doubt you ever had any interest in this game at all.

nowitzki2004315d ago (Edited 315d ago )

Or anything PS related. scorpio has caused these fanboys to completely go nuts. i cant wait for it to release so we can see what its about.. thats if it has any new games besides multiplats that fully support it.

LexHazard79315d ago

Not me. GT Sport will go right next to Forza 7. In my home they will coexist.

S2Killinit315d ago

I think you are just scared because Pro can do what scorpio can.

Kribwalker314d ago

You are seriously drinking the kool-aid if you believe that. I mean, I have a friend that's a Nigerian prince that needs $2000 to unlock his millions of dollars. He promised to share the millions with you if you help. I can forward the email to you if you'd like

gangsta_red314d ago


Waitaminute, I too have a Nigerian friend that's a Prince! What are the odds of that?

nX314d ago

^Well you guys are known Xbots, the only group of people more gullible than Trump supporters. A Nigerian prince doesn't even come close to the stories Microsoft has been telling you in the past 10 years ;)

gangsta_red314d ago


Me and Krib are known xbots? We do nothing but defend niche games and proclaim how are wallets are empty from all these games we're playing!

You're just mad because you dont have a nigerian prince of your own to call snuggles.

S2Killinit314d ago

@Krib & Gangsta-Red
Is youre Nigerian Prince friend named "Milo" by any chance?

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Bathyj315d ago

Quite a feat considering you had NO interest to begin with. I would say try harder but youre already trying soooo hard.

twiggytree12315d ago

You were never interested in the first place, you don't even own a ps4..

snoopgg315d ago

Wow its the opposite for me. After what I seen poly d do with gt sport, I have no intent of buying a scorpio.

Pantz315d ago

both will be nice in their own ways

MagicBeanz315d ago

You must have seen a lot more the the rest of us then. Nice try, Microsoft appreciates the free propaganda though I'm sure.

ShadowKnight315d ago (Edited 315d ago )

I bet this game sells more than Forza 7 LMAO

Lol it will sell more than the Scorpio

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YAO-BLING315d ago

did you want a to go bag on your way out?

Dark_Knightmare2315d ago

I bet how do you feel about og x1 owners

nowitzki2004315d ago

What are they doing with Forza on Scorpio?

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The_Sage315d ago

You've not seen Forza on Scorpio, Vasto... It was a tech demo they had running.

Kribwalker314d ago

No they had forza 6 running on Scorpio. Turn 10 didn't want to unviel 7 in a spec piece about hardware

Eonjay314d ago

Microsoft doesn't even require you to be such a slave. Get a grip.

jhoward585314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

I'm not really impressed with Forza 6(or GT sports) Scorpio demo because Forza 6 is a first gen game. Not to mention, MS optimised the hell out of Forza 6 to get it to run on xbox one.That said,there's not enough of reflections, refraction, Dynamic skies, fog effects to give it realism. The real magic will happen when MS use DX12.

DigitallyAfflicted314d ago

Why every single game those days has to be compared to the similar one on the other console and turn the discussion abut the game to the console war. Many of us have just one console so ill be getting GTS and no even buying ps pro for it as in my opinion is a waste of money and just a marketing trick to push 4k TVs as it was with 3d TVs.

To be back on the subject. GT will be good as always and I'm well excited about new painting editor!!!

RosweeSon314d ago

Adding an extra number on the end for the new year.
Great racing games space their releases out a little rather than banging another one out year after year. Gran turismo 7? Over 20 years Mario Kart 8 over 20 years. Forza 7 in barely 10 years.
Forza the new Fifa

Kribwalker314d ago

First forza 7 is coming out after 12 years. Second this will be GTs 7 game in 20 years as the first came out In 1997. Now the fun part.

GT 4 prologue released in 2003 as a gap filler between 3 and 4, then GT5 prologue released in 2007, one again as a gap bridge, but both saw full retail releases, and then there was GT for psp in 2009. So that's 10 retail releases in 20 years. Then there were 3 other versions of GT that were japan only featuring concept cars, as well. So it's not so spread out like you make it seem.

RosweeSon314d ago

Sure there were prologues etc, were they full priced or even full games for that matter no they were glorified demos. Forza also had Horizon and they already on 3.

Kribwalker314d ago

The prologues were $40 (2/3 of the full price) and with spinoffs, GT has a spinoff tourist trophy which was a motor bike version of GT as well in there made by PD.
And yes there are horizon spinoffs made by a different Dev team and a totally different style game, open world arcade vs sim racer

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KionicWarlord222315d ago

These screenshots look very close or on par with forza 6 car models. Looking great.

aftershock315d ago

You need your vision checked my friend. This shits all over Forza. As great as Forza is the lighting has never been realistic, giving the cars a weird cartoony look. This looks hyper realism

KionicWarlord222315d ago

I wouldnt say its further then Forza 6 and i wont be petty by posting pictures.

But ive played forza 6 and looking at the insides of these cars and the car models they seem fairly similar.

Just keeping it real. Nothing i said before is a negative. Forza 6 is a great looking game.

Razzer315d ago are so full of shit

KionicWarlord222315d ago

Well now your just being a jerk but now ill be petty :


From these shots here compared to the ones inside this article the both look fairly similar.

Razzer315d ago

Stand by previous statement. The pics in the link prove you are just a blind xbox fanboy. You just see what you want to see.

nowitzki2004315d ago

He needs more than his vision checked.. lol not sure he can be helped anymore.

SideNote314d ago

Forzas great, but even drive club had better car models.

Kribwalker314d ago

Yep it's nice to see GTsport has adopted the cardboard crowd that was mocked so badly on FM5, and those textures man, photorealistic

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uth11315d ago

With so many racing games pushing towards photorealism, it's going to be hard to tell them apart

dazsarge315d ago

yup there is need for speed too coming up

mcstorm315d ago

Your sport on but tbh for me all the shots like this are bull shots and the games never look this this in game. They look amazing don't get me wrong but they never look like these shots never look the same when your playing the game. I hope GT is a step up from the last 2 as I hated the last gen tracks and cars that were put into the game. As for Forza I hope they build on 6 as for me 5 was a let down but I loved 6.

XabiDaChosenOne315d ago

Forza 6 on the base Xbone looks like complete garbage. Which is a given since its running at 1080p on a console that struggles with 1080p. Had to make them cuts somewhere I guess.

snoopgg315d ago

Forza never looked this good

badz149314d ago


I've been playing Forza 6 Apex 1080p/60fps max setting on my rig. I still can't shake the plastic looking graphics. They are trying too hard to make the cars look unrealistically shiny and what's more hilarious is when using the hood cam (my prefered camera when using wheels), the hood are so unrealistically shiny they distract your focus and even the floating name of your competitor in front of you is reflected on it! Ridiculous

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XMessiah23x315d ago

Need more 4k screens. 1080p is so 2015. LOL Joking.

PFFT315d ago

Im sure the 4K Checkerboard pics will be incoming soon.

315d ago
Dark_Knightmare2315d ago

What's your point besides being a fanboy. Lie all you want but if you had sonys checkerboard next to native 4K you wouldn't be able to tell the difference which digital foundry have stated numerous times with the caveat that sonys solution appears just a tad bit softer

BigWan78315d ago (Edited 315d ago )


4K Resolution is Resolution...

But graphical fidelity is NOT created equal...

Graphics and Resolution are NOT ine in the same

Rude-ro314d ago

4k checkerboarding of games.... key word "games".a lot of kiddies forget you need games to be able to brag about resolutions.

PFFT314d ago

There are and will be more than enough games that will support the 4K non-checkerboard experience. Exclusive or not. Even if the blind kiddies say otherwise.

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Bronxs15315d ago

1080p? Wow, that's so last mid-gen.

ClayRules2012315d ago

Oh my Lanta...

Bud, no hate to you. But this game looks absolutely amazing, regardless of the "1080p" resolution.

Bronxs15315d ago

Thanks for not hating me, comment was tongue and cheek meant as a joke!

ClayRules2012315d ago

Haha, no problem, bud. No reason to hate!