Out of Eight Game Review: Multiwinia Review

Out of Eight writes: "Strategy games can be roughly divided into two categories: "slow" and "fast." Sometimes you want an experience that progresses at a methodical pace like Europa Universalis or Sins of a Solar Empire, and sometimes you'll prefer a quicker game like World in Conflict or Company of Heroes. There's something for everyone, unless you don't like strategy games, in which case you're reading the wrong site. On the fast side of the strategy balance is Multiwinia, the latest game by Introversion, the developer responsible for DEFCON and Darwinia. Since they are porting Darwinia to something called an Xbox 360 (yeah, I've never heard of it, either), they needed to include a multiplayer aspect to the game, and thus Multiwinia was born."

The Good:
+Numerous game modes with customizable rules
+Speedy action-oriented gameplay
+Several viable strategies per game
+Simplified controls
+Distinctive graphics and sound
+Competitive AI
+Bonus crates for unpredictability

The Not So Good:
-Can't customize control scheme
-All game modes are essentially the same and some are poorly balanced
-Randomized (or weighted in the loser's favor) crates can dramatically (and unfairly) impact the outcome
-No random maps or editor
-Lacks end-game stats

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