Serious epilepsy warning for WipEout HD

CVG writes: "After we revealed the reason behind the WipEout HD delay was that it failed "the epilepsy tests so much that it has to be re-engineered" and Sony's eventual response that it takes "consumer safety very seriously", the game is finally upon us.

We've played the review code to death that Sony passed along a while ago but we've now got WipEout HD installed on our PS3s at home via PSN. One thing we noticed though was a very serious health warning that you confirm you've read by pressing 'X' on the pad:

"Always play in a well lit environment. Take regular breaks, 15 minutes every hour. Discontinue playing if you experience dizziness, nausea, fatigue or have a headache.

"Some individuals are sensitive to flashing or flickering lights or geometric shapes and patterns, may have an undetected epileptic condition man may experience epileptic seizures when watching television or playing videogames.

"Consult your doctor before playing videogames if you have an epileptic condition and immediately should you experience any of the following symptoms whilst playing; altered vision, muscle twitching, other involuntary movement, loss of awareness, confusion and / or convulsions."

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thor3440d ago

Thing about this game is, that I almost want it to be like that, with flashing lights and blistering speeds. And I mean, there's no reason at all that if I can be quite happy in a club with strobe lights flashing all around me that I can't play wipeout lol. I'll probably get the game and wonder what all the fuss is about.

chasuk083440d ago

There is no fuss. I dont think these guys have ever played a game as it says this message in every games booklet and itsays it on some games startup aswell.

prunchess3440d ago

I'm gonna play this game 'till I have an epileptic Fit!

SL1M DADDY3440d ago

And it was a blast to play. Most Wipeout games have had a similar warning and none have led to me having any issues. Sorry to those that have issues but too bad so sad, I want this game. If you press X, you are saying you understand and if you have a seizure then you need to put the game down.

Cannot wait for tonight!

games4fun3439d ago

2 things

1. the warning was because of the flashing lights at the beginning when you break into the base

2. i love skies of arcadia have a bubble for reminding me :)

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Hellsvacancy3440d ago

Im a heavy pot smoker so i see stars and flashing colors all the time lol

thor3440d ago

Yeah I'm sure
Pot+Wipeout+Drum&Bass = Heaven LOL

Hellsvacancy3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

Amen brother

As WipEout is a Psn game do u think itll hav custom soundtracks, listening to Pendulums new album would b fat

Fishy Fingers3440d ago

Custom sound tracks are supported :)

Hellsvacancy3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

Its a must hav 4me now

sorry let me rephrase "Its even more of a must hav 4me now"

dj_funky3440d ago

i bet the druggies will love this game.. x pills and breakbeats for the custom soundtrack would be like attending a rave when playing this game on 1080 HD resolution haha. cant wait to download this. hurry up psn!

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The story is too old to be commented.