AU Beta restricted to AU accounts made prior to today

According to Sony Australia [whom have been giving LittleBigPlanet codes earlier today], all users who have created an AU PSN account prior to today will have access to the Beta.

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Hesper3584d ago

This is getting old.

The 6kish keys from EU that was first come first served got snagged by EVERYONE meanwhile the rest of the codes are region restricted.

Wish they did EU only on those as well then I would have had one already =(

badz1493584d ago

how do we know if we got the beta key??

thePatriot3584d ago

input numbers and letters in hope go get lucky. that seems to be my only way of getting in the beta.

thewho3584d ago

You stupid idiots. The post was referring to the signup of betas.
Do you really think they would have a signup in the first place if they were going to give to EVERYONE who made their accounts prior to today?

VMAN_013584d ago

I wish i got into the beta sounds like fun.......

Cyber Gamer3584d ago

looks like i wont be getting 1 after all

damn have to wait 29 days till the game comes out or else if sony
decides to give us a demo on psn 2day will be great

since i didnt get my eu beta like most eu people

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