Burnout Paradise gets Trophies, but they are not retroactive

The version 1.5 patch for Burnout Paradise has went live this morning, meaning that you can now get started on building your collection.

It was thought that the Trophies were to be retroactive, however it has been confirmed on Criterion's website that they are not as it states "Burnout Paradise saves are locked to your profile. We had hoped to use this to retroactively award trophies, but we discovered during testing that this is not possible. You will therefore require a fresh game-save to receive trophies in Burnout Paradise. If you're familiar with PS3 trophies already, you'll recognise that this works in the same way as all other games that have added trophy support post-release".


The patch only seems to be live in Europe at the moment, however it has been confirmed it will hit everywhere later today.

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Megaton3437d ago

I can confirm it's not live in America yet. Booted it up upon reading this.

Ben10543437d ago

in england,

im not going to bother with the trophies, i completes all f**king 200 races for no trophies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !1
and all the bike races WTF

littlenuthead3437d ago

my m8 been playing it for weeks now and has 100% thinking he'll get the trophies, cant wait 2 get home 2 tell him he's got 2 do it all again =D

OgTheClever3437d ago

Some people might disagree with me but I'm actually glad that the trophies aren't retroactive. I've been holding of playing the game fully until the trophy patch came out whilst my brother pretty much has 100%.

This means that I should be able to get them all before him now and have some real bragging rights!

SullyDrake3437d ago

So I'll be up into the early hours filling my Trophy Case!

gaffyh3437d ago

OMG not retroactive!!! This is pissing me off, I've almost completed the game and the trophies are not retroactive.

That is taking the piss, the game is too long to play ALL over again

whoelse3437d ago

That's so full of yay and.. OH SH*T WTF!!!

nbsmatambo3436d ago

and im pissed!!

still a good game though =)

Megaton3436d ago

12 hours later... still no patch in America.

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Rama262853437d ago

Can anyone in the UK let me know some things about this update? Firstly, is it live yet? (thought that doesn't really matter to me since I'm working all day). And secondly, what trophies are retroactive? For some reason I'm not expecting them all to be.

Really looking forward to this update :)

Rama262853437d ago

So they're not retroactive? Wonder why they didn't let us know before today, to avoid all this disappointment. So since the file is locked to your PSN account or whatever, I guess you need to go to the save game folder and delete the save game file to start collecting trophies??

andron6663437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

Keep a copy if you do ;)

But you have to start a new save to get trophies. Too bad for those who have finished the game already...

Mr_Bun3437d ago

Who has time to redo all of the races in burnout and play the LBP beta?

wotta3437d ago

In the Uk & Europe at the moment, the trophies do not seem to be retroactive though?

Genocide_General3437d ago

I hope its only a bug I really don't want to do it all over again.

Megaton3437d ago

European friend on my PSN list says they don't appear to be retro. Gonna be pretty pissed if I have to do everything all over again, seeing as how I have 101% in both cars and bikes.

Foxx773437d ago

Have to agree with that... I got 101% done with the bike license over the weekend and have been done with the cars license for a long while now. I don't know if I want to go back into the game and play for another 40-60 hours to re-do everything I had already done. Really not looking forward to the fences, billboards, and jumps. Too many games coming out to spend time on these trophies I'm thinking. I'm just dissapointed that they said the trophies would be retroactive when trophies launched and now they're not. Oh well, at least they still did add them for those that will go back for them or just picking the game up today.