Honest Gamers: Toxic Crusaders Retro Review

Rob Hamilton writes:

"Playing Toxic Crusaders taught me an important lesson - it's very easy to make a poor game out of a poor show. There didn't seem to be much of any creativity or thought going into the level designs as each small level in each stage essentially seemed to be the exact same. Go to the right. Shoot stuff. Occasionally jump to a higher surface and continue going right. Watch out for toxic waste. Grab the occasionally healing item to replenish hearts. Exit the level. Pick a new character (or the same one) and do the same things in the next level. Remarkably, it took me very little time to get tired of that formula. Maybe if the movie version of Toxie was used and I could rip out the guts of corrupt mayors, I'd have gotten into this game a bit more, but as it is, there just wasn't any appeal there for me."

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