Microsoft's Diverse First Party Studios Pushing Project Scorpio Forward

Microsoft is hoping its new console will push gaming to a new level. Executives from the firm spoke about how its devs are pushing Project Scorpio forward.

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Kribwalker378d ago

As soon as I can I will be preordering it because I feel like it will be like the elite controller and in short supply for the first bit

Death378d ago

Yeah, I feel the same way. I'll be pre-ordering along with some friends that are doing the same.

darthv72378d ago

I'd love to see these studios do something different within their own comfort zones. Meaning that turn 10 does really good racing games so why not have them take a crack at a futuristic racing game? something along the lines of a new Quantum Redshift.

Noskypeno378d ago

@Darth I would like to see them create something like gta or twisted metal but a bit more original

377d ago
lxeasy378d ago

Scorpio will no doubt go out of Stock quickly but Microsoft needs more first party Studios.

donthate378d ago

Nah. Many ways to bring exclusives by contracting outside developers.

343_Guilty_Spark378d ago

How many times are you going to say this?

ThatGuyDart378d ago


How well has that worked so far for them this gen?

donthate377d ago


Great so far! Gave us the best racing game this generation with Forza Horizon 3.

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zaherdab378d ago

question is ... will they bundle an elite controller with it ?

378d ago
MorpheusX378d ago


"question is ... will they bundle an elite controller with it ? "

I wonder the same: I doubt it, but that would be something if they did.

Kribwalker378d ago

I already have my elite controller so I'm ok either way

FyBy378d ago

@Madamsjr01 it's agree / not agree . Don't make it personal :-)

badz149377d ago (Edited 377d ago )

They keep touting it as a "premium" and for the best experience on console, right? I thinknthey should bundle an elite controller with it. Doesn't make sense if they don't. With it bundled, I think many will consider it even if it costs $600

zaherdab376d ago

Well i hope so, as a premium product you'd expect it to be all that ... i am pretty sure there are more bells and whistles to it than just the hardware specs.

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raWfodog378d ago

If I do get one, it will more than likely be after Holiday 2018 at the earliest cause that's just me. First, I really need to see some games that will make me want to get a Scorpio when I didn't even get an XB1. I was waiting on Scalebound to finally get me over the hump but that obviously ain't happening now. I'm pretty sure that they have something special in the works though. Second, perhaps the hardware will be cheaper and more efficient after that. Smaller, cooler, cheaper procs usually come about a year or so afterwards. Third, I'm not even planning on upgrading to a 4K tv any time soon. My current 1080p is still looking beautiful and running fine. That's also why I'm not pressed on upgrading to PS4 Pro any time soon either. I'm still happy with my vanilla PS4 but if it breaks, then I'll upgrade.

Perjoss378d ago (Edited 378d ago )

You dont really lose anything for preordering hardware, they only charge you when it ships and you can cancel it any time if you change your mind. And if the supply is low and you dont mind being a bit of a scumbag you can sell it for an extra hundred or so on ebay.

The_Hooligan378d ago

As far as games are concerned, will there ever be a true Scorpio exclusive? I ask cause when PS4 pro launched ppl kept saying the original PS4 will hold it back until it gets true exclusives for pro. Obviously that hasn't happened so far and the games work on both. Will the same games work on xb1 and Scorpio? I mean I know one will be true 4k and the other 1080/720 or w.e. it may be. I only own a regular PS4 and want to buy either xb1 or Scorpio but money is a bit tight right now and we still don't know what Scorpio will cost. I can get Scorpio as long as it's under 500 so here's hoping that will happen. As a gamer I just want to play good games and have fun regardless of what system they might be on.

Kribwalker378d ago

Exactly. Game and have fun regardless. I'm almost finished Zelda, halo wars 2 and just started horizon. The best of all worlds

377d ago
XanderZane377d ago

Definitely pre-ordering it even thought I don't have the money right now for it. Hopefully I will by the night it gets released.

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XiNatsuDragnel378d ago

Diverse??? That's questionable at best

Death378d ago

The article is comparing Turn 10, 343, The Coalition and Rare with each other. In those terms it is diverse since they are all doing something different. (Racing, third person, first person, etc.) There is no question they simply need more IP's though.

mcstorm378d ago

Spot on with both there. Glad we get forza as i love both ms and horozon but want to see a few more IPS now. A fable replacement, love to see ki2 or 4k, also like to see some of the games come back from the original Xbox to as they had some very underrated games as well as some of the old rare ips.

Why o why378d ago (Edited 378d ago )

A concerted push for more ips and more studios will definitely help them improve output and compete.. It'll be even more beneficial for next gens xbox . I believe MS are in this for the long term despite what some say so they badly need to improve in some areas and refine others. We're in year 3 and look at the levels of quality output in comparison. Build better now globally. Good Luck.

I heard a guy, cant remember who but he was from team xbox, suggesting MS should tie up a few Asian indie developers and build from there........One of the best ideas I've heard on N4G. Broaden the fan-base and you broaden your profits. Get devs young and at their cheapest and MS may reap great rewards and relationships in the long term.

meka2611378d ago

I will say a great new game is sea of theives. Can't talk to much about alpha because of NDA, but I'll just say that game is gonna be a great exclusive, proly a system seller as well.

Bronxs15378d ago (Edited 378d ago )

and at that point, the games they make are pretty much top notch / gold standard for their respective genres. forza is amazing racer, halo (quips aside with story in 5) is a great fps, and gears is a great 3rd person shooter.

variety would be nice, but it's not as poor as say nintendo, other exclusives like quantum break, ryse, and sunset overdrive add nicely to the mix.

ms doesn't have a tittle like uncharted, but they did their part for their platform owners by making sure tomb raider was there, and a year earlier than ps4 and tomb raider was a total blast, i will replay it if they patch it up for scorpio.

if i were Microsoft i would purchase moon studio and have a solid 2d platformer to their existing line up of racer, fps, and 3rd person.

then bring back banjo and or conker and you got your 3d platformer basis covered. imagine seeing banjo or conkur all done up in 4k uhd hdr for scorpio.

and of course all major 3rd party tittles are there, all they are really missing is a big open world rpg exclusive to fill the void that fable left in many xbox gamers hearts.

i don't see MS ever getting an exclusive sports tittle to complete with the likes of mlb the show, but they should get out into other genres and bring back things like crimson skies. i'm not a fan of crimson skies personally, but i see a lot of comments hoping for it.

something like kameo can be good for 3rd person action as well, not all as serious/gorey as gears. i guess recore was sort of this. i'd love to see something like a new enslaved.

and lastly i almost forgot, they do have what is regarded as the definitive console real time strategy in halo wars, niche though it maybe.

yomfweeee378d ago

A few different genres out of dozens is diverse to you?

mcstorm378d ago

Bronxs15 your right. People are also forgetting the shift in Microsoft with the gaming in general. For years Microsoft have said they are going to try and push gaming on pc but bring it closer to Xbox and since windows 10 has come out you can see this starting to happen. I also think Microsoft know to make some ip's sell well and also be noticed is to also have them on pc as the gores are different on the two but also having pc Vs Xbox online play will be a big boost to.

It's interesting times as Sony are in the vr Market right now Nintendo are pushing the all in one console and Microsoft are pushing power/pc gaming and for me all 3 doing different things is great for the industry as last gen felt alit bit like they were all doing the same thing.

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subtenko378d ago (Edited 378d ago )

5.Xbox Gold
*head tilt*

_-EDMIX-_378d ago

Lol 😂😂😂 28514;😂😂

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen377d ago (Edited 377d ago )

I didn't realize that 4 studios could be considered diverse when they really haven't had any diversity in their games.

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PhoenixUp378d ago

Not like they have a choice

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