595: Project Scorpio Specs

Larry Hryb, Xbox Major Nelson, Albert Penello, Sr Director of Console Marketing Project Scorpio, talks Project Scorpio's insides.

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andrewsquall377d ago

For Scorpio, Spencer wanted a key concept: "1080p30fps Xbox One games running at 4K 30fps on Scorpio"

And there you have it folks. There is your 60fps mandate claims straight out the window. Its pretty much like the PS4 reveal now with more focus on resolution than anything.

And of course, I can't let the 1080p30fps Xbone games thing slide either. "1080p30fps Xbone games" like Dead Rising 3, Sunset Overdrive, Halo 5, Quantum Break? I picked one main, hyped up, exclusive from every year so far and couldn't find this moon dust thing know as a native 1080p30fps Xbone game lol, unless its a last gen looking game or an indie.

tinynuggins377d ago (Edited 377d ago )

900p and 1080p xbox one games are targeting native 4k on scorpio per digital foundry.

Aenea376d ago

Where 1080p ones are going to be easy to do and 900p will take a lot of work so it's not guaranteed that all 900p games will hit native 4k. But am not even sure why it would be that important anyways, if they hit a steady 30fps with 1980p or something in that neighbourhood they will still look fantastic on your 4k TV!

AX7377d ago

He's not mandating 30fps. That was an example of how they want both systems to work together. The only thing not allowed is a game exclusive to the scorpio that is it.

AX7377d ago

"The requirements themselves don't change, other than there's a new spec and we're saying hey, you've got to support the vertical nature of Xbox One, all the way through Scorpio. When we designed the Scorpio spec, we specifically said games running at 1080p 30 on an Xbox One -- what do we need to put in the box for that thing to run at 4K 30

And that was our design goal, from the beginning. To say: same framerate, increased resolution. Let's make sure that we can go hit that, as a minimum bar."

Mystogan377d ago (Edited 377d ago )

I don't think anyone said that 60fps was a requirement? lmao, that would be ridiculous and bad for devs.

4K 60fps is ACHIEVEABLE that is the point.

And 1080p Xbox games can get a 4K upgrade if devs choose to patch or it has dynamic resolution.

shiva1376d ago

From 900/1080 to 4k 60fps there is one requirement though.

It has to be single player mode only if devs WANT to perform additional optimisation and not mandated. For multiplayer it has to match with what the game was doing on xbox one with respect to fps.

If fps is left aside.... Devs are again not mandated to up the graphics but if devs WANT they can do that aswell.

There are lots of dots which people are not connecting. MS has made tools available that a game can be ported pretty fast at lil to no effortits hitting 4k in as less time as possible so that dev can put in that additional time on optimising for smooth 60fps or graphics.

Aenea376d ago

Leave the "or it has dynamic resolution" since a game needs a patch to get above 1080p when it wasn't made to specifically go above 1080p, see the DigitalFoundry articles.

shiva1376d ago

What is your question though? Is it no games or the hardware cant do what df said.

I am not sure what you understood from what Phil said.

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