State of Independence - GI.Biz casts an acquisition-focused eye over Europe's development market

GI.Biz writes: "To an outsider, the fortunes of the game development industry must seem downright bizarre. Despite year after year of solid growth for the games market as a whole, development seems to follow its own curious cycle. Five years ago, at the height of the last console cycle, it seemed that every week brought news of a game developer going bust. In more recent years, as we approach the apex of the present cycle, it seemed that new studio start-ups were the order of the day.

This cycle isn't "boom and bust", though. Rather, it's just the mechanisms of a creative business in action - a gradual bubbling in a great pot of talent and business acumen in which new studios form from the mass, then rise and fall according to the complex intersection of currents in the business environments. Some go pop early on, returning their constituent talents to the pot where they go on to form new studios - others rise to the top, become bloated and then gradually leak core talent who find the small studio environment more attractive."

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