Game Focus: SOCOM: US Navy SEALs Confrontation Beta Impressions

Game Focus writes: "SOCOM has always been kind of a weird shooter. It has always had too much action to be a stealth game, and had too many fast paced objectives to allow players to sneak around. The sneaking and creeping worked well in the single player mode, but failed miserably online.

That single player campaign has been completely excised from the upcoming edition of the series; SOCOM: Confrontation pitches 32 players against each other in an online-multiplayer-only version of the franchise not developed by the traditional and original team at Zipper, but the PSP-vets at Slant Six Games. Being made available for download via PSN as well as purchasable at retail this fall season, Sony is hoping to rekindle the online love that kick started the PlayStation 2's online success."

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thor3581d ago

This is very positive, but it keeps saying "it's for the fans" when I see people on the forums always whining about how it's not EXACTLY the same as socom 2. Can't satisfy some people, can you?

I just watched some socom 2 gameplay on youtube. I mean, whilst it might well have been very fun online, all I saw people doing was fighting at close-medium range and strafing left and right at impossible speeds. Socom 2 doesn't look like as tactical a shooter as confrontation to me.

BulletToothtony3581d ago

because i had never played socom before but i love confrontation...

it replaced cod4 from the first moment i played it..

it's just a well done shooter.. that's all

thor3581d ago

That's good to hear, I might well get this game if they can sort out the severe lag issues.

BSigel813581d ago

To me it's a very tatical shooter, the author said "had too many fast paced objectives to allow players to sneak around", well I guess he never caught guys camping on the roofs next to the bridges. I always rack up kills up there, simply because it's just to fast paced so it forces them to camp. It's a very competitive game though, day one for me.

Lanontscuz3581d ago

ill be getting this game day one for the bluetooth but i do like the game it did replace CoD4 since the beta came out for me lol i do hope they fix the lag and loading times...

hwbrewer33581d ago

weird,too much action,too many fast paced objectives,can not sneak around.i sneak around all the time with sd weapons and listen for enemies proximity chats.action and tactful play with team mates is what makes this game a good title,and face it we have only been playing one map for the last 3 weeks.i still can not get enough of this always finding out something new about this game.what did you mean by weird,games like halo,gears,resistance i think are weird but very good shooters,is this weird because its not a spray and prey unreal socom tournament.playe a little more before reviewing.