Rumored US PlayStation Store Content for 9/25

sev1512 of PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

This week might just be the best PS Store Update ever!

Already confirmed for Thursday is Geon: Emotions, WipEout HD, Megaman 9, and Burnout Paradise. Don't forget to download the Burnout Paradise Trophy Support update which is scheduled to be available for download as well.

That is what is confirmed so far, click read more to see the rumored PS Store content…

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Megaton3406d ago

Only getting WipeOut HD, since I already have Burnout Paradise. Can't wait for WipeOut though. Been wanting that one for awhile.

Sev3406d ago

I will be getting Megaman 9 as well as the DLC if the DLC actually gets released.

Also hoping the Buzz Quiz TV packs are there.

Megaton3406d ago

Never been a Megaman fan myself, and I don't know enough about Geon yet to put it on my buy list.

chasuk083406d ago

Has megaman 9 got trophies ??

chasuk083406d ago

Ahh thats crap. I seriously thinking twice about buying this now. I think every game thats realesed without trophys they should make it £1 cheaper than the xbox version with achievements.

MikeGdaGod3406d ago

i think i'll get Wipeout and Burnout

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SmokingMonkey3406d ago

a must

what an update!

mo trophies, mo trophies, mo trophies!

Silogon3406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

I'll be getting it all!!! All I say all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Geon, maybe. It looks interesting, I suppose but so did Loco Roco and Pixel Junk Eden.

Edit: Gettin' a lot of disagrees here... I wonder why? I mean, I'm not getting all the PSN content today? OR, Geon doesn't look interesting? I mean, please, tell me where you all know better than me in this instance. Or, oh... I get it. It's because it's me. If someone else posted this you'd all have agreed. Gotcha!

StephanieBBB3406d ago

lol silogon your odd ^^

+agree just to keep you from going insane =)

mfwahwah3406d ago

+Disagree just to keep you going insane =)

3406d ago
3406d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.