Gaming Nexus: Spore Review

Gaming Nexus writes: "Powers of 10. The 1977 documentary written and directed by Ray Eames, along with her husband Charles Eames, is the now famously-cited inspiration for Will Wright's "SimEverything": Spore. In the video Powers of 10, the relative scale of the universe is depicted in orders of magnitude, with the camera first resting on a view one meter across: a man reclined on a picnic blanket. Then the camera begins a relentless zoom-out sequence, pulling away to show a view ten meters across, then 100 meters across, 1000 meters across, and continuing until the field of view is 1024 meters -- or 100 million light years -- across: the width of the observable universe. From that unfathomable width, the camera then begins an equally relentless zoom-in, all the way back down to that man reclining on a picnic blanket. The zoom continues into his hand, between the cracks in his skin, until the camera is viewing a carbon nucleus at a range of 10-18 meter.

Will Wright was 17 when the Powers of 10 documentary was filmed, and he'd recently graduated from Episcopal High School at the age of 16 (with an atheistic view of life intact). It remains undisclosed exactly when in the past 31 years Will saw the film, but the five-year developmental cycle for Spore may not be telling the entire story. It's feasible that Spore, in Will's gigantic brain, had been simultaneously hibernating and maturing for the past three decades."

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