Eurogamer: Saints Row 2 - Multiplayer

Eurogamer writes: "I can't pull off any form of "gangsta" talk. It's a geographical, ethnic, cultural impossibility. I'm from Ireland and while the place I grew up definitely had its nasty undercurrents, it was definitely more "farm" than "phat". Any attempt to describe watching television as "chillin'" or imply that I might be about to get "all up in this bitch" sounds so ridiculous it makes me want to strangle myself.

That goes for you, too. I don't care what part of Britain (or Europe) you come from, you still sound like a blithering idiot when you try to talk like a rapper. South London, where I live, is full of such blithering idiots, oblivious to the cringing of all around them every time they open their mouths. Shut up - you're not from the ghetto, you're from Surrey. The only time you've ever been anywhere near a "project", it was the one you did about butterflies in Primary Six. Your dad's not a pimp, he's an investment banker (granted, after last week, the path from the latter career to the former may just have shortened significantly). You have a trust fund. Shut up."

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