Final Fantasy VII Player Hits Level 99 In The First Reactor

Over the weekend, a Final Fantasy VII player who goes by the handle CirclMastr got Cloud and Barret to level 99, which isn’t particularly impressive. What’s impressive is that he did it before the game’s first boss battle.

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Eidolon433d ago

Um, cool, hope he got paid for it.

mikeslemonade433d ago

These lame gamers stuck it in the past. Get with the times, sheesh.

InKnight7s433d ago

Yeah i woud prefet stuck with ffvii better than play xiii, mass effect, destiny or COD

andrewsquall432d ago

Yeah he would have been so much better off at the 2nd reactor because at least you are leveling up 4 different materia them and have access to change them in the menu also and can level up Tifa's Limit Break too.

What a noob.

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EatCrow432d ago

Yes. Lets get with the times. Pay for DLC. Buy unfinished or broken games. Gotta love the times.

Eidolon432d ago (Edited 432d ago )

I think my point would be, no matter how good the game is, spending 500 hrs of fighting the same enemies over and over in the same place and not experiencing the game is a waste of time, UNLESS you're proving a point, broadcasting it, and getting paid.. and I do think he get something out of it. But I see people doing this for absolutely NOTHING and they ENJOY it, which boggles my mind, I'd rather put those hours in to enjoy other awesome games. He didn't need to prove anything, though, getting to lvl99 in the first reactor was never though to be impossible, just extremely slow and boring.. he just proved that someone is determined enough to do it. I think beating a game with DDR control is way more of an achievement.

Qrphe432d ago

Go play Ass Effect Andromeda or Asscreed Syndicate.

MADGameR432d ago Show
Bahamut431d ago

Wow, look at those downvotes lol

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Nu432d ago

Well at least I feel better about running around in Breath of The Wild farming apples.

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SirBradders433d ago

Must of been extremely bored.

PSN_ZeroOnyx432d ago

I run around one area to level up a few times just to be ahead of my expected level in big battles. However, this would be extremely tedious and extremely boring to say the least.

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FallenAngel1984433d ago

When you got a cheat for god mode in the Steam/PS4 version who needs to be high leveled?

FallenAngel1984432d ago

Cuz spending time being beyond overleveled is much better use of your time than simply pushing a button that pretty much guarantees a similar result

Sam Fisher432d ago

Be funny, if he had started when the game was released and now is when he got to it

bluefox755432d ago

500 hours he said, I would have thought it would be longer tbh.

Bahamut431d ago

Thank you for not saying "must of". That's easily the most common grammatical error I see on a daily basis.

Artemidorus433d ago

Definitely does not have a job.

Vegamyster433d ago (Edited 433d ago )

It took him around 500 hours over two years, it was less than an hour a day. Regardless, that would be mind numbingly boring.

Artemidorus432d ago

Do you always believe everything you read?

Vegamyster432d ago


Well unless there is something to show he's lying i don't see why he not.

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The story is too old to be commented.