GI.Biz Interview: Peter Molyneux - Part 2 - Molyneux: Judge me on Fable 2

GI.Biz writes: "In the first part of the interview with Peter Molyneux the Lionhead boss talked about the development of the Asian region, his hopes for Fable 2 in Japan, and the progress of Media Molecule.

Here he unpacks his thoughts on his latest title, Fable 2, as well as discussing the subject of ambition in games, and what the Linohead team is working on next.

Q: What's your evaluation on Fable 2 overall?

Peter Molyneux: This is going to sound a strange thing, but I think I've learned more as a designer on Fable 2 than on any other game I've worked on before.

I think if I had to criticise myself in the past, I've mistaken features for entertainment, and I believed as a designer that you should get it full of features, and keep putting them in until the last minute. It's something I'm famous for."

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