Short Pause Podcast #111: Scorpio's Specs, Zelda Stays Open World, & Spider-Man PS4 in 2017?

Short Pause: "We finally have some concrete details on Project Scorpio! It's a two-man show this week as Brent and Ben talk the latest and greatest in the world of gaming. Topics this week include (of course) the final specs of Microsoft's beastly Project Scorpio console, the system's launch price, the future of Xbox's first-party studios, Marvel Heroes Omega, Agents of Mayhem's release date, NBA Playgrounds, Spider-Man PS4, The Legend of Zelda's future, and tons more!"

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tazmeah526d ago

I can appreciate the reasoning behind why Nintendo went with the open-world formula with Breath of the Wild, but as a long time fan of the series, I don't want Anouma to completely abandon the old presentation. I still think there's an audience who would be thrilled about a more old-school looking Zelda, especially on the Switch since you can play on the go.

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WickedLester526d ago (Edited 526d ago )

Lol I swear when these guys talk all I can picture is Ray Romano and Jeff Anderson ("Randall" from Clerks).

TheDude79525d ago

Dammit, I don't know if I want to sound like Ray Romano! LOL

WickedLester525d ago

Hey No offense intended man. I dig Ray Romano. But I swear there's something about your voice that reminds me of him. LOL!

TheDude79525d ago

You're not the first one to tell me that, and you probably won't wont be the last! LOL