Nidzumi: Motorstorm Pacific Rift Impressions: Visibly Breathtaking

Nidzumi writes: "We recently got a chance to test out the demo of Motorstorm: Pacific Rift a month before it's release. Although the demo only features one track and 3 diversely different vehicles to race with, we've still got a some early impressions the game made. Not only does Motorstorm improve the on the original's gameplay but some how it looks better than the already stunning visuals that Motorstorm served up.

Raingod Spires was the destination and although this includes none of the real important terrain additions like lava or water, it does have enough excitement in itself. The multiple routes are even more explorable and visible and this already does wonders for the game. The original had enough of an interesting premise with great graphics to keep people coming back but the courses lacked exploration. Sure some had multiple routes but there was never any reason to explore. Now it might just be the sharper visuals or simply better track design but it won't be too long and you'll be surveying the whole environment for jumps and shortcuts to take."

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