Seamless 4K Wii U Emulation Is Almost Real Thanks To Cemu

GameRevolution: "Cemu is Wii U emulation, plain and simple, and while far less mature and feature-rich than Dolphin in its current state, that’s only fair; it's also far younger. The emulator’s FAQ page is upfront about shortcomings (sound in many games isn’t quite right, performance in certain cases leaves much to be desired), but the fact that we’re even tinkering with Wii U games at 4K mere months after the console’s official demise is leaps and bounds ahead of what you might expect. This irregardless of dips to 15 frames per second in some games, which at the moment admittedly do still occur."

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DevilOgreFish374d ago (Edited 374d ago )

Bayonetta news many hrs away. hopefully it's good.

PixelOmen374d ago (Edited 374d ago )

I have an HDR/UHD display. To be honest, the resolution difference alone is negligible. I can't believe the degree to which people have bought into the "4K" buzzword. On my TV at least, what makes the biggest difference is the 10bit color depth, wider color gamut, higher brightness, and better contrast. But even with all that, I'd still take a really solid 60+fps over any of it.

novacav372d ago

Agreed. 1080p/60 should be everyone's main goal, 4K is cool but.