Japanese Sales Data: Media Create software sales for 15/9 – 21/9

Nintendo's Pokémon Platinum remains in the top spot on the Japanese software chart for the second week in a row. The popular DS title, known as Pocket Monsters Platinum in Japan, sold 315 000 copies after debuting at number 1 last week with 963 000 copies.

Namco Bandai's Dragonball DS enters the chart at number 2 with 72 000 copies while Nintendo's Rhythm Tengoku Gold for the DS climbs two places to number 3 with 63 000 copies. Namco Bandai boasts another new entry at number 4 with Trusty Bell for the PS3 which debuts with 34 000 copies.

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tocrazed4you3735d ago

Happen to infinite undiscovery?

Numphie3735d ago

Infinite Undiscovery for the Xbox 360 dropped to number 13 after debuting at number 3 last week with 90 000 copies.

Charlie26883735d ago

Shinobido...for the PSP? O.o


Silogon3735d ago

Japanese seem to only care about portables and mini games anymore. Even big RPG's like Undiscovery and Trusty bell are failing hardcore. I don't see either ever selling a million units, let alone 500,000 now. What is with them>?

pornflakes3735d ago

jop.. ~2 Mill ps3 around Japan and Trusty Bell sold only 30% of what the 360 did there with only 500k users.

japan ppl like games for DS, dragon ball and so on, lol.

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