Loot Ninja Review: TNA iMPACT! Review

Loot Ninja writes: "The wrestling industry has made some huge changes over the past few years that have both benefited the sport, but have hurt it at the same time. As the WWE grew, it acquired much of the competition. WCW and ECW are now apart of the WWE and most if not all of the talent came with it. This allows for dream matches that were not possible when there were two Monday night shows. Who would not have wanted to see Goldberg fight Stone Cold? As always, there are some dissenters and TNA has emerged as a worthy adversary. Jeff Jarrett started up the organization in 2002 when his career with McMahon had come to an end. Slowly but surely he has acquired "castaways" from the WWE and made a very entertaining product and a nice change of pace to the WWE. This is their first attempt at gaming."

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taz80803587d ago

WCW vs NWW was the original wrestling game that set this genre off, nothing has matched since!