Game Focus: Warhammer Online : Age Of Reckoning Review

Game Focus writes: "Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning has finally been released and at a great time for many MMORPG players. If they finally tired of the fast click action of Age of Conan or their hundredth raid in World of Warcraft they now have a new rich and exciting game to play, but there are two main points I have to stress before I go down with the actual review."


+ Took the best RvR from Dark Age of Camelot and brought it into Warhammer
+ Game runs very stable and at a very high frame rate
+ Very stable game, never crashes
+ Once the game pace picks up, it becomes very fun and well designed
+ Great level design work for most of the game
+ Audio is well done but we need more voice work
+ Public quests are fantastic
+ General quests are great
+ You can solo and still contribute to the side you have chosen
+ Mini-Games (shoot the scorpion/ballista or cannon) are fun, but a bit too basic
+ Some very funny moments from launching yourself to the top of a castle via a catapult to exploring a tower with your friends, the game has plenty
+ You do not level super fast and hit the end game in a few days like oh so many newer MMORPGs
+ Achievements, bragging rights, titles, detailed in game book, great map, UI editor and so many more cool and wonderful things about the game.
+ Launch was very stable and any bugs are killed very quickly


- Game starts out slow for every race, but after a few hours it opens up and becomes fairly fun
- Graphics remind me too much of World of Warcraft for overall art design, which is not surprising as WoW stole much from the Warhammer Universe, but I was hoping for a more unique look so basically the game is not that pretty
- Many characters look the same as you do at earlier levels
- Sometimes you have to wait way too long to kill a key mob to continue a quest if the area is full of players
- More dungeons are needed
- Realm versus Realm is excellent but the "Timmy's" can ruin a good fight

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