GayGamer Review: Tales of Vesperia

GayGamer writes: "The times, they are a changing. I remember back in my day we had these stores called Funcoland and they only gave you twenty-five cents for Nintendo games without boxes or instruction manuals...sorry, wrong article. The change that is happening now is in role playing games. What was once a genre dominated by Japanese developed releases (on consoles), more and more Western developers are releasing quality games that have turned the conventions of the traditional RPG on its head. Battles are taking place in real-time with no transition from world map to battle screen. Characters are walking darker paths, and players are given a myriad of choices to get from point A to point B, heck they can ditch A and B and head to point L. For better or worse this evolution is taking place, games are changing fast, so what happened when I unwrapped Tales of Vesperia and popped it into my 360? A reminder of just how fantastic a traditional Japanese RPG can be."

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