Ripten PC Review: Peggle Nights Review

Ripten writes: "Peggle Nights is so addictive, it could be considered mainline gaming at its purest. It's a game you can replay endlessly to squeeze out a good 20-30 hours of content- not bad for a "budget" title. Even though my preferred method of playing the game is to idly focus on the dozens of challenges while watching TV or listening to music, that doesn't mean Peggle Nights qualifies as just half a game. It simply means I can't stop playing it long enough to do anything else.

For the uninitiated, Peggle is a hybrid of Pachinko and Pinball. Wild yet completely accurate ball physics are the crux of the gameplay-after shooting out a bouncy metal ball from the top of the screen, you have to ricochet off of as many pegs as possible on the way down. Like in pinball, the pegs you hit act like bumpers to give you a high score and bonuses, and there's even a powerup that gives you flippers at the bottom of the screen."

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