Avid Gamer Review - Mount & Blade

Avid Gamer writes: "Forget about Grand Theft Auto IV. Forget about Gears of War 2. Forget, Forget and Forget. Much like Sins of a Solar Empire, Mount & Blade is another contender for 2008's sleeper hit. Mount & Blade proves that PC gaming is very much alive and where you should be. Produced by TaleWorlds, the Turkish studio's debut title has been in open beta for a while. It's finally reached version 1.0 and has landed across stores and digital distribution methods. It's a proud day for the six-strong team. They've been working on the game for many months and it really shows. Mount & Blade is a unique idea unforeseen in the world of gaming. We're urging you to get out there and financially support the guys behind it. Here's why.

Mount & Blade takes place in the mythical medieval world of Calradia. It's a rough place ruled by warring factions, plagued by bandits and flowing in gold. You're placed in control of a customizable character that starts at the bottom. It's up to you to form alliances, create an army and work your way up the ladder to the top. The game approaches every aspect of gameplay and storytelling with a distinct sense of 'open world.' On first glance, Mount & Blade seems distinctly 'Lord of the Rings-esque', but nothing could be further from the truth. It has a dynamic world with real rules, devoid of any monsters or magic and a fluctuating economy that drives every decision."

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