The trouble with review scores. Are star reviews the answer ?

Review scores are too complex. What began as a useful tool for players to compare and prioritize games has now become a confusing, lopsided, and political mess.

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waznotwaz3703d ago

The only trouble I have had in recent times with review scores was with Grand Theft Auto 4.Pretty much every review I read on that game started off by saying how brilliant the game was(which it was),before going on to say the game wasn't perfect.The reviews would all go on to list their problems with the game,talk some more about the game before giving a conclusion and then a score.What I could never understand was if all the reviewers did find minor faults with the game then why did so many of the reviews give perfect scores.
I'm not having a go at those reviewers who score their reviews on a scale of 1 to 10.They were right to give it a 10 because the game in there eyes was closer to a 10 than a 9.It's the reviewers that use a supposedly more accurate scale and yet still gave the game a perfect score that confused me.I remember thinking "if the game has some faults,why give it a 10.Why not 9 and a half,or why not 9.7 or why not 97%."There were at least 2 reviewers that said the game had minor faults and then gave the game 100%.