Why Gamers Should Be Excited For Project Scorpio

Project Scorpio is a superhuman console, but its backwards compatibility is most exciting. Could this be a super system?

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DJStotty412d ago

You have to pay to play 360 games? Where have you materialised that from?? As far as I am aware 360 games will work the same as they do on the Xbox one.

Razzer412d ago (Edited 412d ago )

Yeah. First I have heard of having to repurchase 360 games. I'm calling bullshit. Article does not back that up at all.

Kingthrash360412d ago

If you already own them then you are cool. But if not you gotta buy them again. By own I mean still have them physically, or own them digitally. Otherwise and most often you have to buy them for a high price on xbl or go looking at a gamestop. So it's not a totally free thing. BC can be costly with old games running for 29.99 bucks at times.

Razzer412d ago (Edited 412d ago )


True, but the article author is saying something completely different:

"Say you have an Xbox 360 game that you really love; you've kept the original box and everything. You won't be able to just stick that in your Project Scorpio system and play away. There's a sort of small depression right there. You'll have to pay to purchase the same game that you already own. While you can look at it longingly on your shelf all you want for free, you will have to pay to actually play it on your newest consoles. There's something sad and seemingly almost money-grabbing about this."

joab777412d ago

I'm excited because I loved my 360 and I haven't loved a thing about this gen from MS. Been waiting for a killer app that just doesn't come...for me! At least I can use it to play the best sp games. I was just so disappointed with their initial launch. Maybe this will be the beginning of something good!

RosweeSon412d ago

Yeah I was with 360 amongst others for 9 years but 360 mainly but after PS4 it was all about that for me everything I heard and saw about Xbox when it got announced and pretty much since has been 😩Last E3 was a vast improvement... still 3rd overall but the custom controllers looked amazing (still not arrived in U.K as far as I know... the official custom ones) but they seemed to be getting some more games on. Crackdown 3 is still MIA tho and the rest cancelled I've done the selection of games I wanted to nail so until they get a handful of top games Scorpio of Xbox is done for me this generation too much going on elsewhere... gotta start my switch up properly soon. I waited it out until the gears Xbox one s but by march I'd nailed all the top exclusives and was done with it... and that's in amongst work and owning a Vita/3ds Wii u and PS4 oh and life in general ;)

Der_Kommandant412d ago

That clickbait picture... SMH

Razzer412d ago

They put a pic like that on all they articles. lol

Fist4achin412d ago

That is a cool picture. I wonder if that diamond counted as the engagement ring?!

RosweeSon412d ago

Gamers? Tech heads who want top resolutions yeah gamers? They don't have any games for it yet apart from current XB1 and BC 360. 4K gaming 🙌🏻🙏 27995;😉
I must admit I'm getting close to grabbing a 4K telly due to recently nailing Horizon and having a great selection of top PS4 games that warrant playing in 4K (uncharted 4, last of Us 1 and 2 soon, GTA5 again... did it on PS3 and dabbled with my PS4 copy) heavy Rain and beyond 2 souls few others all would look great with a 4K telly. Quantum break was great (for me) and Forza horizon was pretty smart gears 4 alright and halo collection amazing and I never used to be a fan but apart from Crackdown 3 hardly anything to warrant a 4K telly or newer more expensive console to play on... or watch Netflix.

SynestheticRoar412d ago

With legs like that playing video games would be the last thing on my mind. Clickbait pic is ridiculous.

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