Panasonic to Display 3D Blu-ray Technology at CEATEC

At the upcoming CEATEC show in Japan, Panasonic will be displaying 3D technology based on the Blu-ray format. Officially, the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) has not approved a single method for Blu-ray use, but Panasonic hopes that their display will convince those parties involved to select their method.

The method requires the viewer to wear synchronized shuttered glasses that will differentiate between the two simultaneous 1080p images sent to the display. The Blu-ray disc stores both video encodes on the same disc, and decodes both images at the same time. The result is a surprisingly life-like 3D experience.

Hollywood is in a full on sprint to get 3D into the movie theaters, forcing electronics manufacturers to figure out a way to get the experience into the home. The Blu-ray format is seen as the best possible way of doing that with its massive data storage and bandwidth properties.

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