Short Pause Videocast #111: Scorpio's Final Specs Discussed, & Is Spider-Man PS4 Releasing In 2017?

Short Pause: "In the video version of this week's show, Brent and Ben get together to discuss the Project Scorpio final spec reveal in-depth, Marvel Heroes Omega, Volition's Agents of Mayhem, the reveal of NBA Playgrounds, Spider-Man PS4's release date, the future of The Legend of Zelda, and lots more!"

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TheDude79379d ago

The system specs are sexy as hell for a "mid-generation upgrade"; I'm all for whatever will look great on my 4K TV. Only thing I need at this point is a price. I understand this is a premium product so I'm not expecting this to be priced alongside the PS4 Pro, but anything over $499 won't be an easy sell for anyone who's not a tech enthusiast or an Xbox One owner desperate for a major upgrade.

nevarDcirE378d ago

Spiderman - March 2019 🕷