Iron Man Blu-ray Recalled; Possibly Delayed is reporting that the upcoming Blu-ray release of 'Iron Man' has been recalled. A few weeks back, some of those receiving review copies reported trouble playing the disc in their Blu-ray players. Apparently, there is an authoring problem with the disc, and distributors have been issued direction to send back all product.

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skyline20033466d ago

NOOOOOOOO!!! :( This was going to be my first blu-ray purchase! Now i have to wait longer..

sonarus3466d ago

PS3 has infected iron man with delayria

TheHater3466d ago

actually it getting recall, so is a different situation :)

joydestroy3466d ago

i'm with you man, NOOOOOO! i was definitely picking this up in blu-ray. they did a great job with Iron Man. it's sad that the game sucked donkey balls.

Kleptic3466d ago

have to admit its pretty funny...this was one of the first titles for the holidays to help push BD back into acceptable sales again...and now everyone who wants to buy it, will just buy it on DVD instead...which is exactly what they are trying to get away from...

oh well...The Dark Knight is probably the only BD I will purchase this year...that one is good enough I would buy it twice...

jaysquared3466d ago

So now even Blu Ray movies are being delayed!! haha jk.. Somebody had to say it!

Montrealien3466d ago (Edited 3466d ago )

"there is an authoring problem with the disc"

This kind of scares me, one thing I was always worried about with sony and Blu-ray are DRM problems. Let's hope this is not a sign of things to come.

CBosh43466d ago

Yea i was looking forward to buying this and the Dark Knight on Blu Ray

y0haN3466d ago

HD .mp4 downloads for all pre-purchasers please :D

Patrick3465d ago

Stop acting like this is bad news for Blu-ray. Problem has already been corrected and the movie is NOT being delayed.

"Update: We have received word from Paramount that they will meet the street date and that the 'Iron Man' Blu-ray will not be delayed."

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SCEA3466d ago

big news to us blu-ray buyers, approved

shelbygt333466d ago

Yeah this stinks. I didn't see this movie yet, and wanted to watch it in high-def first! (missed my chance in the movie theater)

silverchode3466d ago

that sucks but at least they are recalling it before the problem becomes bigger.

'_'3466d ago

{great news this gives me more time to save money to buy it when it comes out}

Montrealien3466d ago (Edited 3466d ago )

save money? to buy a BLu-ray?


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The story is too old to be commented.