Atlus / Deep Silver's 'Persona 5' summons the No.1 slot for its first week - UK

Launched on Tuesday on PS4 and PS3 and receiving glowing reviews, ‘Persona 5’ from Atlus/Deep Silver debuts at No1. It is the first J-RPG (Japanese RPG) to debut at the top of the All Formats Chart since ‘Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch’ back in W5 2013 (‘Final Fantasy XV’ launched at No2, but it had to contend with ‘FIFA 17’). It is by far the biggest launch for a ‘Persona’ title and the first ever All Formats No1 for developer and publisher Atlus.

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AllThingsShining75d ago

Sadly it's hard to find it anywhere in stock at the moment. I even sunk so low as to walk into Game yesterday but couldn't even strike a deal with the devil. May just buy it digital...

Aenea75d ago

Where I live it was indeed rather difficult as well, managed to snag one online last Friday tho! Time to play it today!

Shin-Zantetsuken75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

I had to search high and low for the launch steelbook edition. Took me at least 4 days of running after various vendors and making phone calls to find one. Some were selling it for as high as $85! Finally, bought it for $65 from someone. So glad I was able to find it or I would have been heart broken. This is my first steelbook ever!

Stapleface75d ago

Or would you have had your heart stolen? *snickers* (sorry it's probably too early for me to be here)

mixelon75d ago

I'm always a bit surprised when JRPGs do really well here in the U.K. It's great news, but I don't tend to trust the public's choices. Maybe we're not that bad after all. XD

DarXyde75d ago

I'd say it's a testament to the quality of the game.

I really didn't think they had it in them to outright usurp P4G. I expected it to be as good, maybe slightly better or worse. Game almost eclipses its predecessors entirely.

mxyzptlk75d ago

Well deserved. Hope this encourages them to bring out the previous Persona games to the PS4.

Antnee53475d ago

They should remaster 3 and 4 into the same universe and make that one giant collective of a gate that takes 2 years in game instead of the normal one. I know it won't happen but sounds like a hell of a game.

_-EDMIX-_75d ago

I believe Atlus or Sega released a post that was some sort of survey asking about the previous games getting ported to PlayStation 4 so I believe it's likely you might even see a complete remake of the first Persona game and the second as well as three and four being ported over.

Princess_Pilfer74d ago

Get a PS2. You can get one for like, 40 dollars and the games are like, 10 bucks.

Antnee53469d ago

I have a vita for all the persona except 5. I really like the series better on portable but that' might be just me

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