Revisiting Ryse: Son of Rome

Jason Stettner of Gamerheadquarters writes; "Ryse: Son of Rome was one of the original launch titles for the Xbox One that featured glorious graphics, an exciting story and hack n' slash gameplay. "

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vikingland1613d ago

I can't wait to see how the Scorpio handles this game.

nbalive89613d ago

It was fun game really enjoyed it, hopefully we see sequel at e3

ccgr613d ago

Own it but still have yet to play it, cursed backlog!

zb1ftw777613d ago

Most underrated game this gen.

CapitalGamerNZ613d ago

I would say one of the most underrated games this gen. Was amazing how the game's resolution became a reason for so many to hate the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.