Why your digital games collection isn't yours to own

The idea of stores being closed or online support for a generation of titles being withdrawn is, of course, largely hypothetical at the moment but the terms of service for these stores do raise the question of whether digital downloading is really the most secure and future-proof way to purchase your games.

With digital titles, however, you leave yourself somewhat at the mercy of Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. They’re not out to screw you over – and to be perfectly frank their terms and conditions of purchase are all very clear and upfront – they do potentially limit you.

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RufusvonBalsac587d ago

A lot of gamers are collectors. Millions of them. Even new generations. So the big market is not going to disappear.

Razputin586d ago

You think its not, but its going to be forced upon you. PC physical titles have shrunk here in the US. Many publishers don't even release physical copies.

In other countries its definitely popular as they have ISP caps. But trust me. I say within the next 5 years 75% or more of games will be digital only across the board.

Retroman587d ago (Edited 587d ago )

Digital downloading............Hmm, lets look at the possibility . Without you knowing Hackers could install rootkit virus in the download while said game downloading onto harddrive.
i could be wrong here ,but rather have physical disc. that way i know i own the game .
PSN crash you lost the game , if you cheat online you Banned from PSN for using the digital game . feel like Sony, MS would have way to much control over us IF we use digital games.
Nooooooooooo thanks .

P.S. why is this article keep coming back repackage with New title ? i've notice this is the 5th article in months about digital games being repackage as New .

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Fist4achin587d ago

I'll still take physical games anytime. Only digital games I own are not available on physical media.

DaDrunkenJester586d ago

I have gone almost all digital this entire gen and have had 0 issues.

MAULxx586d ago

You've had 0 issues "so far".
The here & now is one thing but what about the future?
Do you want to play those games 10 years from now?

Retroman586d ago

as MAULxx said below or up depend where N4G set my reply........... You've had 0 issues " so far" probably because Millions of gamers has not jumped to Digital download yet. of course you have "no issues "
you probably never will have issues simple fact Millions of gamers rather die with Physical disc instead Digital download .

DaDrunkenJester586d ago

MAULxx & GT67:

Well my PS3 and X360 digital items are still available... in fact its been nice being able to download my digital 360 games BC on my X1 without finding the disc.

XbladeTeddy587d ago

They are mine if I purchased them. If they get taken away I would go out of my way to pirate them.

Bytor586d ago

If they get out of hand and start taking lots of games away 2 can play the same game they would open them selves up to any game being fair game for the taking.

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The story is too old to be commented.