Project Scorpio will overshadow the original Xbox One with a huge gap

Lex wrote: "I hope there will be no “experience the full potential” on the higher system for Microsoft – which is very likely – because Project Scorpio will defeat the purpose of having their powerful console as one of the members of the Xbox One family."

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TheKingKratos380d ago (Edited 380d ago )

Hmm yeah as someone who hate those midgen upgrades i will say this though Sony was very smart with the pro and how to handle their vast ps4 userbase
i'm glad that ps4 was already a beast that the pro isn't really needed and the difference is just slight and mainly the higher res with base ps4 settings so no one feel left behind and ps4 gamers don't forced to upgrade at all and Sony is very smart with doing this tbh

While Scorpio feel like next gen console tbh
the gap will be too big between base xbox and Scorpio.

Obscure_Observer380d ago


That´s what upgrade consoles are for. I want my games to look and run better. I´m expect those machines to blur the line a little while in comparisson with PC and i´m happy MS allowed devs to use the full power of the Scorpio if they choose to do it.

I don´t really see a point of upgrade if i can´t distinguish the difference between the base PS4 and the PS4Pro.

Since 2013 tech has evolved and i want to be able to see it on the Scorpio.

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darthv72379d ago

Scorpio IS next gen based on the specs alone. Just like a snes was a more powerful nes and a ps2 was a more powerful ps1.

It will just be tethered to current gen because that is their decision to do. Only MS can make that call in regards to the system and how they want to label it.

KionicWarlord222380d ago

Scorpio is not next gen. There are no next gen engines in scorpio.

Digital foudnry called it a mid gen refresh. A very smart one.

Because its the first time in a generation we get to have games scaled up to high or ultra like on pc current cycle.

For example Unreal engine 4,Frostbite 3 , Snowdrop (the Divsion), Cry engien 3 (Ryse), IDTech 6 Ignite (Doom) (EASports) all were made for the ps4 and xbox one to take advantage of the hardware.

TheKingKratos380d ago

Maybe i wasn't clear with my comment about Scorpio
i'm sorry
what i mean is it "feel" like next gen console while being mid gen upgrade because the specs gap is soo big between xbox and Scorpio and no doubt the xbox gamers who are not upgrading will feel left out IMO.

ShadowKnight379d ago (Edited 379d ago )

The Scorpio teraflops and ram memory is way different than the Xbox 😂😂😂 the userbase is about to feel left out

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LexHazard79379d ago


I dont see a problem if both consoles are getting same games. Come back to me when devs make a game exclusive to just Scorpio then their may be a problem til then....nah.

ZeroX9876379d ago


Generation doesn't exist in gaming as a whole, only console generations. Generations are like saying "here's what most people can afford right now so we'll make this the standard for now until we can reduce cost for future hardware up to a price point that those same gamers can afford a new hardware.

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KionicWarlord222380d ago

Well that means they need to get on the scorpio.

There's nothing wrong with them jumping.

All there games get more stable framerates,supersampling and no tearing in 360 backwards compatibility just by going on scorpio.

Bigpappy379d ago

Well those people that want the same experience as those using Scorpio is exactly who scorpio is for. Just tell them go get one if they are not happy with X1 anymore. What do they do when a new iphone comes out?

Dark_Knightmare2379d ago

Nothing wrong except this gen only being a little over 3 years old and after releasing a weak console trying to get people to upgrade to a most likely high price console yeah you're right nothing is wrong with that just like them not delivering games is fine

Bigpappy379d ago

No the gap is not too big. You can play the same games on X1 like you have been doing. No pressure to upgrade and you will miss out on none of the games.

DELTABOY04379d ago

sony did right they are doing more with less, and making a lot of $$ doing it

candystop379d ago

Nah, Xbox gamers will experience the same game with great visuals but of they want more they can choose a Scorpio. The pro is almost pointless and hopefully doesn't hold back Scorpio on multiplats

Dark_Knightmare2379d ago (Edited 379d ago )

It will hold it back on multiplats and it has nothing to do with the power difference like fanboys will try to say but because of third parties wanting to keep parity like they have done all this gen

jwillj2k4379d ago

your comment makes no sense. the pro could hold the scorpio back on multis, but the xbox one doesnt??? yea ok guy... ms is trying to fix their software problems with hardware. good luck with that. ps2 was less powerful than og xbox, 360 was less powerful than ps3, who won those battles in the eyes of the public? and what was the major factor in those w's? go ahead, ill wait...

starchild379d ago

Games are scalable. And with PS4 Pro, Xbox Scorpio and gaming PCs all in gamers' homes devs will start to really push their games to new, yet unseen levels of graphical quality.

It just means that developers will have to make sure their games are quite scalable, much like they already do for the PC versions of their games.

Nu379d ago

I need to see games from Microsoft before I invest more money into another XONE

KwietStorm379d ago

The Pro and Scorpio are what we should have gotten in the first place. Both base models of the consoles this generation are weak. Everybody who knows the tech was already saying this when the specs were first released 4 years ago. PS4 gets by because of it's GPU and intelligent design of the APU. The processors on both consoles and just about everything else is just enough to get by. Gaming consoles are one of the few consumer technology devices that don't have upgrades. TVs, smartphones, computers, speaker systems, smart home units, and everything in between get refreshes yearly or otherwise. We're stuck with outdated gaming platforms for years until they decide when we've had enough. Not a single soul complains on PC of anyone getting "left behind," and I think it's about time console land spreads its wings.

Malacath379d ago

Yep. Won't upgrade my ps4 to a ps4 pro. Don't see the point especially as games like Horizon has great graphics on the standard ps4.

But I will be trading in my xbox one for a Scorpio. I'm not forced to do it though. I just think the performance gap between both makes it worth it.

Looks like the console market is going closer to PC as game performance and graphics will scale depending on your hardware

Jide379d ago

Do PC gamers feel left out for having mid range specs compared to high end ones? Just admit it . You're paranoid about the power on this console.

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SpaceRanger380d ago

MS is about to leave 20+ million Xbox gamers playing games at 900p and 720p with their phat Xbox Ones. They're basically going to leave them in the rear view mirror, and that's pathetic.

Heck even the original PS4, all 35+ million of them, get HDR upgrades at literally no cost. In comparison to those who paid for such an upgrade.

With MS' track record, I guarantee that we'll see Scorpio exclusive games within a year of its launch.

KionicWarlord222380d ago (Edited 380d ago )

I dont agree that there leaving xbox one users. Theres no way for that to happen. The scorpio is designed with dx12 games and is a mid gen refresh.

Devs do not take games from scorpio and make them they take xbox one games and put it on scorpio in native 4k with 4k assets.

SpaceRanger380d ago

I respectfully disagree. DX12 will offer minimal improvement in that aspect of development.

As I said, with MS' track record (and the way they've been touting Scorpio) I can see them launching Scorpio exclusives within a year of its launch.

KionicWarlord222380d ago (Edited 380d ago )

I said it's designed with dx12 games because that means it can make 2 games off the xbox version to clarify.

It's pretty obvious Microsoft will not need Scorpio exclusives to show the difference

Just like ps4 pro has none.

There modern refreshes.

freshslicepizza379d ago (Edited 379d ago )

how is scorpio leaving xbox one owners behind? you guys just keep trying so hard to change the messaging. the ps4 pro didn't leave ps4 owners, so why would scorpio? they will both share the same game library. the only exception could be vr support on scorpio but with 55 million plus ps4 owners and less than 1 million who bought psvr how many scorpio owners is microsoft leaving behind to xbox one owners? besides, xbox one was never marketed to support vr so its an added bonus to scorpio owners. did all ps4 owners magically be able to play vr? no, they had to go out and buy a headset for at least $400 so the market is already being split. trouble is sony has to cater to regular ps4 owners and when we have todd howard coming out and saying how much power is needed for games like fallout 4 guess who is going to be left behind even if the ps4 pro is powerful?

i am glad microsoft is taking its time delivering scorpio, it allows them to give out a clear message before its out but haters will continue to try and muddle that messaging, its what they do. just like they continue to try and suggest its a new generation, likely because they dont want scorpio to be comparable now in power. they also tried to convince everyone it would never be powerful enough to offer true 4k unless it was some super computer that did at least 8tflops. now they are hoping its going to be too expensive so that it flops. on and on it goes. if you guys weren't so nervous you wouldn't be talking about it so much.

Utalkin2me379d ago

Probably the same way they have done every generation. Juts keep in mind, MS has been behind Sony in every generation.....

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Jide379d ago

Shifting the goal post I see. Like you care about the Xbox owners playing in 720p/900p. GTFOH

FallenAngel1984380d ago

More consumers will still buy the cheaper base Xbox One than the premium iterative option

Antifan380d ago

I think people are disillusioned with this 4K gimmick, and just want 1080p 60 fps games, but not willing to cough up $500+ more just to get it.

Summons75379d ago

The more that comes out the more it points to next-gen.

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