Crysis Warhead Gets A 60-70% Performance Boost From Modders

GameXtract writes "Hey, if Crytek won't do it properly then modders will surely get to it sooner or later. Master from the crymod forums has created a performance config. What the hell is a config? If you are not satisfied with the current graphic settings, you can edit your/create your own configuration file to play Crysis Warhead with. This will allow you the user to be very picky in exactly how you want your game to look. Of course the average gamer will have no freaking clue on how to do this which is why community modders like Master cut us the slack, and complete it out of generosity."

Get the full info, and screenshots after the jump.

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TheIneffableBob3437d ago

I'm using Cuban's modified CCC for Warhead right now and it's working quite well.

Doesn't work that well for Wars, though.

FantasyStar3437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

Your article is useless without test PC specs and benchmarks. Also this news is as old as 2007. Stick to console news and let the professionals handle the PC coverage.

Cuban's CCC package is 100% better than the .cfgs you linked to.

bumnut3437d ago

what is cubans ccc? can someone please give me more info because i could use a few more fps.

steve30x3437d ago

If you look close enough at those screenshots you will see why the performance is 60 - 70% better. The guy reduced some of the graphics settings. I will look for Cubans setttings instead.