The BIGGEST Known Xbox 360 "New & Upcoming" Game Listing Ever!

***375 New Xbox 360 Titles Coming***

If there's one thing I see people ask all the time, it's "where can I find a complete upcoming games listing?". Well, here it is.

XboxOZ360 writes: "This listing is compiled for those of us who reside in the Australia New Zealand region. So please take note that some games may well have been released in other regions such as Nth America, United Kingdom, and parts of Europe, but have yet to be released here in Australia, New Zealand and some parts of the Asian-pacific region.

Xbox 360 game RELEASE schedules are updated weekly from either VURP or Palgn. To get an accurate release schedule, please check their sites regularly to keep in touch with when 360 games are being released here In Australia, both sites are Australian based, so do check regularly, as dates can change without notice."

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Hunter863587d ago

Wow theres a lot of games coming out thats for sure.

---------Nona-------3587d ago

All scheduled to flop on release

TheOtherGuy3587d ago

"Flop In" works LMAO XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!

Spread Butt Cheeks3587d ago

see what happens when you buy a ps3? you troll 360 threads all day. like it or not ass faces, the cell is holding everything back. better luck with you ps4 morons.

Shadow Man3587d ago (Edited 3587d ago )

"However, PSM3 also admits: "If you're a lucky multi-format owner who favours visuals over some extra puzzle levels, you're probably better off with 360's original. "

PS3s GTA runs at 640p While the Xbox version runs at 720p.
Ps3 lost FFXIII.
Xbox Sales are going up in Japan.
Mandatory installs on the Ps3s HD.
Gears of War2 15 hr of game play on DVD9 while Res2 12hr of game play on a 50gb Disc.

ProfessionalTroll3587d ago

*YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWN* Another day,another flop list of games for the xbox.

---------Nona-------3587d ago

" They should change the "Jump In" to
"Flop In" "

You know what,that might actually work.I can see the ad now:

A Series of pancakes are thrown into the air,each with an 'X' across the front.....One by one the pancakes land,each making a "flop" sound as they fall....Then the screen fades to white,the xbox logo appears with the words under it "Flop in".

Kuest3587d ago (Edited 3587d ago )

choatic and disgraceful as the open zone may be, I believe certain things are off limits, even in this God forsaken sty of a cesspool; your tirade against muslims is one of them, for it was not funny, nor in good tasste.

Stick to the level of gaming, and leave your derogative, idiotic hate speech aside. And, by the way, you need not document every nano second of your life by posting it as your user name.


a very well said, OZ 360... bubbles for one of you.

Freezingduck3587d ago

I was able to handle Two/10 Too Flop

But this way TOO MUCH flops to handle...grasp

XboxOZ3603587d ago

Mate, you have NO idea do you. Not only is that offensive, yes you've been reported, but downright stupid.

I have a Muslim sharing my home atm, he's a great guy from Pershia and a real gentleman, my best female friend and her family are Muslim, and they are the best family I have as my mother passed away several years ago, and I'm welcomed in their home with open arms every time I go there, they even gave me a key to get in if I needed to.

I'm as Australian as any Scott/English person can be, so go and grow up and mix with some real ppl in the world. Not everyone from one culture is as bad as a few of them.

does this username m3587d ago

.....rarely do I say this,but you sir,are a f****** buffoon.

thereapersson3587d ago (Edited 3587d ago )

You have been reported as offensive. This is the open zone, but there are still limits that should not be crossed.

Why don't you take your own advice, eh?

militant073587d ago

shadow man, more truth you speak more bubble you lose =/

rawd3587d ago

375 DVD9 based games

How exciting!

...if you lived in 1995

caffman3587d ago

you say flop but they will still score higher and sell more than PS3 titles. Now go back to playing games. Oh sorry, you've got none

Pain3587d ago (Edited 3587d ago )

@Shadow. Get this threw your brain dead Xbot Skull. ANY GAME THAT IS A PORT TO PS3 WILL SUCK, No retard its not the PS3 sucking its the INFERIOR OLD PC XBOX Hi-rez DVD( based Pile o crap Last GEN Console Holding it back.....

Whats the point in Driving a F1 car if u cant race it on a TracK???????????????? that the PS3 when devs port games to it .

And wow Xbox Defense force HOOOOo doing Damage control on Crappy Xbox games that are on paper.

and @ Spreads his A$$ for M$ , Wow Spoken like a true racist Homophobic Brain dead American teen age Xbox twit.

airheadluffy3586d ago

PS3s GTA runs at 640p While the Xbox version runs at 720p - you cant tell the difference and who cares except fanboys?

Ps3 lost FFXIII - they lost its exclusivity but we still get it. i dont really care for JRPG i like Acation RPGs

Xbox Sales are going up in Japan - thats good to know

Mandatory installs on the Ps3s HD - who cant wait a few minutes? it also improves the quality a little bit

Gears of War2 15 hr of game play on DVD9 while Res2 12hr of game play on a 50gb Disc - if you argue this i can argue that R2 has 60 player MP and 8 player coop while gears of war has 4 player coop and 10 player MP. R2 is technically better in terms of graphics (not visually). it has more enemies, bigger maps, bigger enemies, etc.

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---------Nona-------3587d ago

*sigh* if only xbots had a AAAA game like wipEoutHD or Resistance,maybe then they wouldnt complain about the lack of games on their faulty box

'_'3587d ago

{there is no way i will ever buy an xbox i mean look at all those flops}

Gam713587d ago

You 3 trolls are funny.

One post then the others agree.

seeing as how your post was always the same lies c&p over and over again i never pictured you coming up with something new.

But you did nasim.

just a shame you're now going to repeat yourself to death (unfortunately just a phrase)

Flops ''R'' Us3587d ago

***375 New Xbox 360 Flops Coming***