Pete Hines: Fallout 3 Mod Tools "Not On Our Schedule Right Now."

Ripten writes:

"According to an interview with Pete Hines from Rock, Paper, Shotgun; the PC version of Fallout 3 will not come with a mod kit out the gate, and while he doesn't rule one out in the future, it's as good as locked in a vault for now.

Hines said that producing the mod tools takes a helluva lotta time and effort, and that people have become to accustomed to having them in Bethesda games, but this time, no dice."

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Winter47th3584d ago

Although I'm not a PC gamer my self, Oblivion was leaps and bounds better on PC thanx to the efforts of its community, consolizing Fallout like that would be Bathesda's downfall in the eyes of its fans.

Nostradavis3583d ago

I agree that community created content adds value to a game. Hopefully it will be an option at some point.

meepmoopmeep3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

shouldn't the PS3 be listed on here as well?

anyway, i'm sure they try to release mod support sometime in the future.

TheColbertinator3583d ago

I think Bethesda made this decision because the Xbox 360 is their lead developing console.So when they stopped focus on the PC,the mod support was ruled out.I'm getting the PC version but the lack of mod support right away is a shame.

DNAgent3583d ago

The REAL Fallout 3 was canned years ago and this game takes out stuff that made the previous games great (plus it adds in stuff that makes no sense in the Fallout universe). This is just a nuked Oblivion with guns that has "Fallout 3" slapped on it so noobs of the Fallout series will buy it. As far as I am concerned, the series ended with Fallout 2. I won't even be playing this "Fallout 3" garbage.

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