Competition Breeds Excellence and Project Scorpio is Proof

Love or hate the Xbox brand, gamers are the winners here

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nevarDcirE380d ago

I take it you haven't read digital foundry's article, listened to Major Nelson and Albert Panellos Podcast, or the follow up video by digital foundry. Interesting stuff, you should check it out.

mikeslemonade380d ago

Meh its not all positive. Call it a net positive.

Competition brought multiplats and in general they are not as good as exclusives.

380d ago
COMMENT-OF-THE-YEAR379d ago (Edited 379d ago )

Yeah. They are going to need some exclusives. I understand everyone is excited about a beefy machine but without great games and a 4k tv, there really is no reason to buy this if you already have an Xbox one..

meka2611379d ago

There are plenty of games, just because they don't have exclusives. I barely play exclusives for my xbox and I got over 190 games to play. Hate it when people talk about the damn exclusives, you can also own a system for multiplatform and you just prefer the controller and interface.

Armyntt377d ago

Not mention if and big IF, the multi's are really going to be that much better on Scorpio they are getting the definitive version. Might as well call them exclusives.