Project Scorpio is designed to win back big-name games developers, according to a leading Xbox exec

"Microsoft wants to "win developers back" with Project Scorpio, an interview with the corporate vice president of the Xbox and Windows gaming has revealed."By Justin Mahboubian-Jones

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UCForce381d ago (Edited 381d ago )

That's mean COD will be Xbox third party Marketing again. I'm not trolling here, big budget third party games like COD can boost Xbox Scorpio sales even further.

FITgamer381d ago

Lol I recall Phil busting Sony's balls for all the 3rd party deals. If this is accurate he's a massive hypocrite.

thekhurg380d ago

It won't happen unless Microsoft takes market lead in US/EU - which won't happen this generation.

jv303380d ago

I doubt it - the reason? The competitive community. It caused a fuss two years ago when the franchise switched over to Sony (meaning they had to change controllers)... I doubt they would respond well to having to switch back again so soon.

No, by winning back developers, they mean that they want to be the lead development platform again, like they were in the days of the 360.

nevarDcirE380d ago

Pretty sure the competitive scene would love to switch to Xbox elite controllers.

nix380d ago

It's just going to be like 360 days. MS is going to depend on third party games with better graphics. Expect unending screen comparison of games starting with Digital Foundry.

_-EDMIX-_380d ago

lolz. MS can't afford the cost and Activision wouldn't waste the time knowing PS4 has the higher install base.

Its a lose lose

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christocolus381d ago (Edited 381d ago )

I want to see RDR2 and Battlefront 2 on this thing. In the new DF videocast John said MS stress tested the Scorpio by running every major game engine on it to ensure performance was optimal.

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BlakHavoc381d ago

Soooo, they want those timed exclusive deals back from EA? MS is still after the casual gamers that play CoD, BF, Madden, etc. Understandably as they make up a huge portion of the market, but it looks like they'll continue to play things safe. That's always been their play though, if they don't think there's alot money to be made then they won't waste their time. Sony seems to take more chances, and really invests in all types of games. MP focused games seem to be where the money is today, I fully expect MS to go after these crowds.

Apocalypse Shadow381d ago (Edited 381d ago )

It will help in having a developer friendly environment so that games can be made easier. That's always good.But that's about it. Power only gets you so far.

By the time Scorpio releases on the market, there will be about 70 million PS4/PS4 Pro systems on the market. 70-75 million by March 31 2018.Microsoft cannot change the fact that PlayStation is the leading platform for developers to sell their games this generation. Just like 360 was the lead platform because it came out first and had a sales lead for a long time.And Microsoft can't create exclusives for Scorpio that alienate existing Xbox one owners resulting in backlash.

Even if Microsoft sells 5 million Scorpios during holiday season, that added to Xbox one sales will not change what console is the leading platform. And by the time Scorpio reaches say 15-20 million, PS5 will be on the market not only getting the same games, but they'll be in higher quality leapfrogging their power advantage within 3 years. Say 2019-2020.

So again, if the competition is getting the same games, you need something that stands out from the competition. Which is exclusives you can't play anywhere else. And since they have more money than Nintendo and Sony, they can't keep coming up with excuses on not creating new studios and games. It's their system. Why wouldn't they unless they're not as invested in the console industry as the other two.

VsAssassin381d ago

I totally agree. Power is good, but it shouldn't be anyone console's only draw. Also, power is too variable, while excellent exclusives leave a lasting mark to gamers.

nevarDcirE380d ago

All completely valid points, Microsoft does need to show they are serious about gaming, having made the perfect start, with the right messages. Next up is a slew of new game announcements.

But with Ps5 launching in 2-3 years, as you say, what will they be targetting? [email protected]? Scorpio does that this year, so why wait another 3 years?

Unless you think tv sets would've moved on to the next resolution bump by then?

DarXyde380d ago

I don't think we'll ever have 4k/60fps games as the standard. PC can do that because the hardware is variant with few setups being identical. With consoles, you work with specific parameters. Every PS4 can run Uncharted 4, just as every Xbox One can run Gears 4. The different versions running them better or worse is due to the hardware variation.

With that in mind, it purely depends on developer priorities. Many of them seem to love their visuals, so I think we'll see ultra detailed 4k with plenty of effects like 4x MSAA (which is incredibly stressful on hardware) at 30fps before we see 4k at 60fps.

WelkinCole380d ago

The timing is key. By 2019 4k tv will be mainstream mass adoption. There is also a lot more to games than just resolution and FPS.

NotoriousWhiz380d ago

Having the most powerful system may not matter from a development point of view if they still have to support the vanilla xbox one.

jlove4life380d ago

Im with the Notorious W H I Z baby baby thats why my ps4pro is not keeping me super excited on its power because ps4 vanilla im playing the heck out persona 5 but it look identical on my og ps4 scorpio can be a monster all it want with catering to x1 and few exclusives we will have 360 games 10 yr old games viva pinata mass effect 1 and saints row in 4k 60 fps native x1 old games 3 to 5 yr games dead rising 3 sunset overdrive 4k 30 fps and modern xbox1/scorpio games will have some 4k manipulation ie ps4pro checkerboard equivalent with dx12 screen grab this as this will be history upon scorpio release :)

nevarDcirE380d ago

That's why they've made the Xbox ecosystem so developer friendly, porting Scorpio games to Xbox one will be extremely painless.

Last_Boss381d ago

Now their audience has to accept what's being created, not try to almagamate famous genres & franchises into fast food games.

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