Peter Moore recalls the last straw that convinced him to leave Sega

Peter Moore’s time as the head of Sega of America turned sour with the death of the Dreamcast, but it wasn’t until a later meeting with the company’s Japanese brain trust — and a heated argument with Sonic the Hedgehog developer Yuji Naka — that he realized the gaming industry was leaving Sega behind.

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freshslicepizza615d ago (Edited 615d ago )

this highlights how different western and eastern cultures clash. japan is very proud but stuck in tradition, which is what nearly sunk sony after the ps3 was released and other non-gaming sectors like tv's. this is still a problem to this day why nintendo continues to remain in its own bubble. on the flipside western don't seem to at times have the finess and test things as much and want to rush a product more.

Burrito26a614d ago

Why did you point out flaws for Sony and Nintendo but when you say "... western don't seem to at times have the finess and test things as much and want to rush a product more" you don't mention Microsoft?

Concertoine614d ago

Why do you care?

His comment is pretty spot on. Look at what western devs have put out this gen and you see rush job after rush job. If we started naming examples we'd be here all day.

freshslicepizza614d ago

ok fine, microsoft rushed the first forza onto the xbox one but that i will give them a pass on because many rush games to meet hardware launches. but a game like recore is a prime example of not nurturing a game enough. then we have other developers like bethesda who always seem to have so many bugs in their games and now ea with the new mass effect.

happy now?

mikeslemonade614d ago

Burrito you have poor logic.

Japanese take too long and I think it's an excuse to say they are making in perfect. They just don't have the systematic structure and talent to make games come out.

Give me 2.5 year old buggy game that gets patched eventually than make me wait 5 years for a game that is less buggy. Also it's debatable because their graphics in Japanese games are worst, so don't tell me that is them polishing games.

mikeslemonade614d ago

You poor Xbox fans must have fond memories of Peter Moore. That's when the Xbox was actually competitive.

Outside_ofthe_Box614d ago

"Give me 2.5 year old buggy game that gets patched eventually than make me wait 5 years for a game that is less buggy."

Why would you ever want a developer to purposely sell you a buggy/incomplete game.

EmperorDalek614d ago

Does everything have to be about Xbox v PlayStation? Screw off.

mikeslemonade614d ago

Did I say on purpose. It's pros and cons man..

If you want less bugs you wait longer. Can't have it both ways.

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showtimefolks614d ago

Moldy you are right but it seems Japanese and European developers figured it out so did Sony and to some degree Nintendo

Now the westerns are making the mistakes Japanese and European developers use to make

Ps4 is a huge success

Witcher 3 European
Nioh, Nier and persona 5 Japanese
Ff15 Japanese

EA/Ubi deserve most of the blame for many shortcomings

614d ago
Tapani613d ago

His an ignorant guy who speaks only one language and cannot fathom other cultures. Ignorant in business modelling, leading, creating something that works and stays working for a long time such as trust. I really disliked him always, I just felt he is a phoney business man who is after money and will tell anyone anything to get it. He just happened to be in the right place at the right time and have that kind of an asshole "I'm better than you!" -attitude that flew ok a few years ago, but is not appreciated nowadays at all. He is a car salesman, who never created anything. And that shows in his comments and in his insignificant career.

Erik7357614d ago

"So I said to the translator, ‘Tell him to fuck off.’ "

Didn't know Peter was a savage

pasta_spice614d ago

How frustrating that must have been for Peter Moore, especially since he ended up being right.

The company I work for is going through a similar thing. We aren't adapting or evolving to stay relevant, so smaller more modern companies are overtaking us. Do the big-wigs care? Nope, they stick their heads in the sand and try to convince us all that everything's ok. >_>

614d ago
Munnkyman614d ago

The thing is sega didnt have to really make mature games, just good ones. Most of segas games in the last 10 years have not been good so it hurt their brand. Just throw a mature game here and there and don't say somebody is lying because they don't agree.

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