Games Industry Gender Wage Gap, Lack of Diversity Still a Huge Problem, Says Survey

J Station X: The games industry still struggles with the gender wage gap, and its lack of diversity is still a huge problem suggests a new survey.

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-Foxtrot318d ago

We should just hire people if they are good...not to make up diversity numbers

If more good gaming individuals are white or men...then sorry but it is what it is.

RommyReigns318d ago

Colin Moriarty Twitter - 'The 79¢-per-dollar pay gap is one of the most persistent lies I've ever seen circulated in America. You'd think Trump said it. #EqualPayDay'

naruga317d ago (Edited 317d ago )

wrong comment i didnt read the article first

317d ago
Godmars290318d ago

Though as, if not more, of an issue is that devs from indie to AAA treat basic coders as a slave workforce.

annoyedgamer318d ago

Diversity only matters when its against Whites or men. Plenty exclusive areas where women or other ethnicities dominate and there is no issue.

ShaunCameron317d ago

I bet they're all funded by the very same White men the women and other ethnicities have something against.

317d ago
_-EDMIX-_318d ago

Well I actually think they're still looking for people who are good in the first place...

317d ago
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uth11318d ago

I have a degree in Computer Science. Classes all had like a 15:1 ratio of men to women, so of course there isn't going to be equal representation of jobs in this fields. Unless the think women should just be handed the jobs without putting in the work

Kornholic318d ago

That's exactly what women and feminists want. Handouts.

theKiller317d ago (Edited 317d ago )

I think it is rude for men to assume women can do all of their jobs. If women are working like men, then who will take care of the children and households?

Can someone please tell me, who would like his loving mother to be working out like his father and not see her for most of the day? And not have somebody to take care of the house?

these maniacs who promote equality in every aspect of life between men and women are basically got hit in the head and lost the purpose and meaning of existence. They mixed roles and end up as maniacs.

Also, these people totally ignore the psychology and mindset of women. women don't tend to like heavy engineering jobs. That's their nature. They excel more in other jobs like education and childcare. They also have other talents in business and communication. But to force them to work like men is bullcrap.

Those who promotes equality in jobs with women, why don't they say women should work as street cleaners? or building workers? because I am sure those sections lack female workforce too.

when a man loses the reason why he exists in the first place, he starts to lose many instinctive things and be misguided.

I wouldn't be surprised to see the men who are behind "equality in everything" slogans are doing it because they can't socialize and get women in their lives. They want women to be near their workplace so they can hang out and go to parties after work. I'm not saying all men like that but many are, even if they don't admit it. So I really question their motives behind this EQUALITY thing.

On judgment day, we will see everything we did. nothing we do goes without being recorded whether good or bad for you. That day, we will wish to come back to life so we do good deeds, to save ourselves from hellfire.

Kurdishcurse318d ago

What a dumb, petty and useless article. Pussy has nothing to do with talent, get over this fact and move on. Ohhh...and the wage gap doesnt exist....not in the way some people would like it to.

317d ago
_-EDMIX-_318d ago

It is definitely a social issue.

I've definitely say it is only an issue within the game in history if Publishers are in charge of the specific demographics put out in games.

If game designers are all being given the free chance to have their characters unaltered in exactly the way they've always intended them to be upon release then I actually don't think it's something that is magically going to be fixed in the industry, it is up for those people that are fighting for it to actually do something themselves.

I cannot sit here and tell you that there's not enough diversity in a specific medium yet also fail to contribute to that.

I'm not saying it doesn't exist so calm down social justice Warriors I'm simply saying I understand your struggle, I understand you want that diversity , what you need to do something first you actually need to do it yourself and create that game that you're saying you want to see.

It is not up for someone else to force a concept in a game.

I think this boils down to their are Publishers that still sensor and older games to sell to the majority so there very well could be an artist that has created diverse characters that have always had to alter them for the Publishers lighting for the sake of sales.

If you guys believe Publishers are going to cut content to make more money you should also probably understand that they're going to try to make their game as centered towards the majority regardless of how much it probably conflix with the main concept.

Consider that before life is strange was going to be made under square another publisher literally turned that team down because the team would not change the character to a boy...

So the people who are saying they really want this enter the game industry in do what the team that created life is strange did and stick to your morals create a game in only accept a publisher that will accept your game the way it is as opposed to trying to force your hand and make the character completely different for the sake of sales.

It's a problem if developers are not being given the freedom to do this.

But it is also a problem if the people who are asking for this are also not willing to go into the game industry and deliver it themselves.

bluefox755317d ago (Edited 317d ago )

Why does there need to be diversity in games?

ShaunCameron317d ago

Better question: why are White heterosexual men being asked to include everyone else in whatever they do?

Lamboomington317d ago

Why not ? Diversity makes things more interesting, diversity means more people can play and like these games, diversity means more entertainment for more people.

Again, forced diversity is silly, but diversity is still a good thing, especially in terms of bringing more people into gaming.

cleft5317d ago

There already is diversity in games. In fact, there always has been. Now could there be more? Sure there could be more, but we need to do that by finding people who are interested and have a passion for the industry. Not just fill some quotas.

_-EDMIX-_317d ago

So the medium could actually be taken seriously as an art form.

There is this idea that it's basically taken hostage by a group of Marketing Executives all trying to make their games look the same to make a quick buck and when you're able to see games like life is strange or the last of us or Horizon zero Dawn it shows that there is still open creativity within the medium and not all Publishers are simply out there to make stereotypical cookie-cutter games.

But all of this is just from the hypothetical that the majority of those games made with male characters were made specifically because of a marketing decision to appeal to the widest audience.

I'm not saying I want it forced in every game I'm actually simply saying the industry in regards to the community at least wants to know that their games are not being forced in turns of censorship and changed to make a quick buck.

As we've seen with titles like life is strange it is very clear that they are Publishers out there that will alter games to fit a specific stereotype. This is just terrible because it actually means there's a bunch of artists work that have been compromised for the sake of trying to Garner sales.

So if anything I would say we need more Publishers like Square Enix and like Sony that are actually giving their developers the creative freedom to include whatever they feel like it without feeling like they're making the game with specific bullet points that the publisher wants just sell units.

This has more to do with the actual developers having the freedom to create the game the intended as opposed to Marketing Executives chopping up there games.

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