Microsoft Project Scorpio Vs PS4 Pro Vs PC: Who's The Fastest?

Microsoft has finally revealed its hand in the console war and Project Scorpio's specifications are certainly a big leap over its predecessor and the Sony PS4 Pro. In terms of raw graphics horsepower, we're talking 6 teraflops compared to 4.12 teraflops for the PS4 Pro. However, with Microsoft opting for beefed-up AMD Jaguar cores as opposed to a Ryzen-based CPU, which has been making headlines in the PC gaming market recently and not, apparently, including a Vega-based GPU - instead using one based on the older Polaris architecture, Project Scorpio is actually more akin to a hefty update rather than a next gen console.

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corroios286d ago

I agree. I thougth it would be the next gen console with somekind of Rysen CPU e and Vega GPU, but Microsoft didnt went that away.

It would cost to much Money to use cutting edge tech and it would be very hard to sell.

feju286d ago (Edited 286d ago )

This^… also based on the DF article, you'll notice that the PS4/PS4P runs on regular Jaguar cores. While the XB1/S runs on "Custom" Jaguar cores.

Curiously, the Scorpio's "Jaguar Evolved" may just be a placeholder (MS/AMD's NDA?) so it could be custom Puma cores, or even stripped down Zen cores.

mikeslemonade285d ago (Edited 285d ago )

Vega doesn't really change anything. It's a 6 teraflop gpu. Price and performance is heavily correlated with that. If they used a 3 year old 6 teraflop gpu, it's marginally same as a modern 6 teraflop gpu. We're talking maybe a 3 fps difference.

And also due to PC and console parity and the fact that the Xbox 720p has no exclusives, it doesn't matter if the CPU is not Ryzen. No AAA developer is gonna optimize heavily on a 8 core CPU. All the processing done on a traditional PC game is the first two cores. And finally CPU is never the bottleneck if you have atleast an average CPU. The consoles are more GPU bound because it's parity on both sides.

And they wrong with the price break down. That's if you just bought the hardware marked up at a Best Buy. Production plants don't buy components that are inflated.

XanderZane285d ago

It would have cost like $800+ if they when with a Rysen CPU and Vega GPU. They science-tech the whole hardware though with so many customization that the CPU won't bottleneck when it runs games at native 4K. It's pretty impressive what they did. Now we just need to see Battlefield 1 or some other open world game running on it in native 4K (30 or 60 fps).

NatFanBoyRestricted284d ago

Scorpio still better engineered then PSPRO.

KionicWarlord222286d ago

Heres a good comparison to go with the article

Ps4 vs Scorpio

Head to Head

Ghost_of_Tsushima286d ago (Edited 286d ago )

Now compare exclusives....

Uncharted 4
Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
Horizon: Zero Dawn
The Last of Us: Part 2
Days Gone
Detroit: Become Human
God of War
Sucker Punch - new IP

I'm all for more power but you need great exclusives to push the hardware and give an actual reason to choose one console over the other.

LexHazard79286d ago

Oh wow..another Uncharted? I mean UC4 is great and all but I thought some PS guys are lactose intolerant.
The list is awesome tho not gonna lie, 5 out of the 9 you listed are must buys for me.

Goldby286d ago

@Lex, its DLC standalone.

ShadowKnight285d ago

You can add Hellblade, Nier, and Persona 5 to that list!

freshslicepizza285d ago (Edited 285d ago )

is sea of thieves coming to the ps4 pro? is crackdown 3? is the next forza running at true 4k and a rock solid 60fps and dynamic weather coming to the ps4 pro? it has games that wont be on the pro, plus about 1,000 other games that will be better on scorpio with microsoft making sure each game engine usies scorpios power. they have gone many steps above and beyond what sony has done to make its entire game library compatable to scorpio.

285d ago
Cupofjoe285d ago

And turismo nino kuni mlb dragon quest heroes 2 gravity rush 2 to many to many

285d ago
Vames284d ago

That's weak. You make it seem as if Xbox doesn't have first party games in the past and coming in the future. Crackdown 3, State of Decay 2, Ashen, Forza 7, Sea of Thieves and more. You realize I'm not even adding old games.

NatFanBoyRestricted284d ago

My Steam account has a longer list then that

Goldby284d ago


981 games isn't over 1000

learn to count ya

hcode246284d ago

Great list. Nioh needs to be added as well.

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thisismyaccount285d ago (Edited 285d ago )

I especially like the emphasis on

- CU Scorpio vs Pro
- Texture Units
- ROPs ... all things nobody gave a fu_k about it when the original PS4 had twice as many texture units, twice as many CU and ROP than the fat VCR. But now ... you gotta mention that ;) but no mention of the lack of games

Full exclusive XBone
Full exclusive PS4

... how about we add those "discrepancies " as well? Not going to mention the fact that those 300 BC 360 titles are NOT FREE like stated. If you don´t own them ... ya got only bananas.

Anyway, updated version ... not the best, but more "neutral" than the original :P

masterfox285d ago (Edited 285d ago )

nothing to see here, I mean my comment, I wanted to deleted by I can't :(

2cents285d ago

Forbes are really on fire with this Scorpio reveal.

Getting Dem hits for these shite articles designed for people to start arguing over the pointless hypothetical comparison.

The Scorpio is a mid gen upgrade just like the pro, coming nearly a year later, YES it is 'faster'. Dumbasses.

Forbes is the sh1t stain on the walls of the N4G toilet.

XanderZane285d ago

Yeah they have so many irrelevant click-bait articles for the Scorpio, it's not even funny.
If this article they don't even tell you who was the "fastest". lol!! Why title it that and then not provide a result. Forbes is a joke of a site when it comes to gaming.

2cents285d ago

It's really quite sad that they seem to so greatly enjoy pissing off gamers by posing the most loaded hypotheticals.

And just sit an watch as the clicks roll in, the bank rolls in and the hate grows. Shameless.

Muzikguy285d ago

That description IMO belongs to gamingbolt, but I get what you're saying.

2cents285d ago

There are many that wish to own that sh1tty crown


Speak_da_Truth285d ago

I would like to see MS show a game that'll look better than The Last of Us II or God of War on Ps4 Pro with Scorpio at E3 because with all that power, Crackdown, Sea of thieves or State of Decay won't do it.

1908-PB284d ago

Speak_da_Truth--- dude E3 trailers don't count as gameplay it was all cinematics from uncharted 2 to god of war. and btw god of war is the only game i would even consider buying on my PS4 but it's still a maybe because i don't like how they are forcing this naughty dog bull crap in the game like i asked for an uncharted in god of war skin that's the last thing i need is one of the series i enjoyed from the PS2 days to PSP and PS3 to change into something else because fanboys buy nothing but the same thing and then they talk about they have soo much variety . last note aren't you people tired of playing the same genre over and over?

Speak_da_Truth284d ago

I really don't what you'd consider buying a Ps4 for. That's your personal business not mine. I simply stated that I'd like MS to show us a game that looks better than The Last of Is part II with all that Scorpio power.

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