The Punisher: No Mercy – Your Questions Answered

Jeff, from the Playstation.Blog, writes:

"Today, Zsolt sent us the answers to those questions from Hungary(!) I hope you find the answers you're looking for below – I know his response on Trophies will please many of you…"

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pwnsause3435d ago

this game might be good, but its using the UE3 engine. this game is saved because of one thing, Trophies.

TheHater3435d ago

As soon as I read that this game is using the Unreal engine, and stop reading. We all know how games turn out when they are build using the Unreal Engine on the PS3

PirateThom3435d ago

Unreal Engine isn't as bad as it used to be.

It's a terrible engine still, but Unreal Tournament, BioShock and Mirror's Edge all seem to run with it.

Blademask3435d ago

I have no beef with it when its used just to make a developers vision come to life.

But don't try to pawn off the Unreal Engine as some graphical marvel. Its limitations are obvious, but its toolset and documentation are second to none.

The Unreal Engine fails when you try to substitute polygonal detail with normal maps. You cant do that anymore when everyone is demanding HD gaming. You need to have a moderately detailed character, and support his details with Normal Maps. Not have a Low 500 poly model with nothing but normal maps making each nut bolt and bandolier on the character. This is where Epic screws up most of the time.

Also the lighting with the Unreal Engine is terrible. Mirror's Edge cheats it by using pre-baked radiosity rendered environments for textures. It looks good, but its not interactive.

All half-ass developers end up with products that look almost identical when they go this route, it looks like Punisher might be going the same route. Look at Punishers back, that armor should be modeled. Not textured on him.

This is why Metal Gear and Uncharted are second to none when it comes to visuals. It just does stuff the Unreal Engine plain can't do.

Raoh3435d ago

unreal engine isnt bad, just badly used.

i'm not sure why people didnt like it, but i thought dark sector was a great game for many reasons.. just didnt have anything new, original or ground breaking but it was a good test run for the developers. it played very well.

according to the blog, there have been some unreal engine 3 tweaks to the code specifically for the ps3. so a game of this size and price to be sound like a good test run as well.. if its great we can expect expansions and more games in the future with the new code...

i'm excited and hopeful.. plus i love the punisher.. the punisher as an FPS is so simple and brilliant, i cant believe it wasnt thought of long ago

rbluetank3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

The unreal engine has been running with out a decent tune up in the engine structure and oil change for years now. There is "black smoke coming from the game engine". You can see that fire is behind the smoke; look at the game below from the past and coming. i am not supporting anything outside of gears2 knowingly

1 bioshock is a great game but the characters look greased up!
2 ut3 looked really greased up and the story mode sucked!!
3 Mass effect had serious tearing issue and the grease factor.
4 Strange Hold where you want me to begin...?
5 The Agency Game i will wait and see???
6 area 51 where you want me to begin?
7 Mirrors edge reminds me of 2k football 2004 first person mode. I would get sick and dizzy playing that mode;so i will pass on that game.

I wish game developer would take the time and money to developer their own game engine. Unreal engine is unreal at this point and time..

Lanontscuz3435d ago

it might not be bad ..remember it is a PSN download i did not see on the article that it would be on a disk...ill have to see a trailer of its gameplay first before i say anything about it....

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