Gamestop: Silent Hill DVD preorder bonus with Silent Hill Homecoming

Gamestop has just recently put up a preorder bonus for Silent Hill Homecoming.
Reserve Silent Hill Homecoming and receive a free Silent Hill DVD movie.

Online Customers: DVD will ship with the game.

In-Store Pickup Customers – DVD will be available at designated store. While supplies last.

Store Customers – DVD will be available at time of reservation.


Pre-Order Silent Hill Homecoming for the Xbox 360(R) or the Sony PLAYSTATION(R)3, at Circuit City and receive a free Pyramid Head Keychain. Available at all Circuit City locations, while supplies last.

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meepmoopmeep3583d ago

i want the Blu-ray for the movie, or some snippets of the next SH movie they're making.

Arsenic133583d ago

Screw gamestop, they are the game store nazi. Iv heard about a Circuit City PH key chain so that seems way better than the ok film. I already have the film, don't need another.

Alcohog3583d ago

That movie was SO bad.

Arsenic133583d ago

It was far off from the games and they messed up Alessa's story but its way better than other VG movies.

Arsenic133583d ago

Not that hyped for there to be a CE. I would get it but there is not much of a huge hype for this game.

ceedubya93582d ago

I'll just wait until release day and go pick up the game in store.

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