Geon Comes To PSN Tomorrow

The puzzle game formerly known is Geon: Emotions finally comes to the PSN tomorrow. Unfortunately, the game might be buried under the massive hype that's been built up for the other downloadable games releasing tomorrow: Burnout Paradise, WipEout HD and Mega Man 9.

View the video of how to play after the link.

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Silogon3587d ago (Edited 3587d ago )

Man, I swear tomorrow's PSN update is like the biggest event ever for Ps3 owners. Anyone saying the PSN has sucked 90% of the time, tommorrow looks like redemption.

Megaman 9

What else are they gonna toss our way? I'm not even looking for any demo's now, but imagine if they even gave us a demo or 2 on top of all of thiss? How about a ps1 game to sweeten the pot? WOW!

St03587d ago (Edited 3587d ago )

Yea, plus there should be trophie updates for Burnout and hopefully Bionic Commando rearmed

chaosatom3587d ago

i have seen.

It explains everything about the game, I had to watch it twice.

Vistrix3586d ago

I believe Geon also has trophies.

riderofpl4gues3587d ago

wipeout hd is going to be siiiiickkkkkkkkk

joydestroy3586d ago

yeah man, wipeoutHD FTW!

Sevir043587d ago

GEON, megaman 9, Burnout, WipeoutHD???!!!! geez thats a whole lot coming in just 1 update, wait isn't seira's red barron 13 coming to PSN tomorrow or was that out last week on the 18th?

Man sony is really killing it. i hope there is a demo for geon, i'd really like to play it

PirateThom3587d ago

It was all they could do to combat the sheer megaton that is Duke Nukem. :-/

NipGrip3586d ago

I seriously fell out my chair laughing at that.

DFresh3587d ago

The game looks hella cool.
If there's a demo I'll try it out.
Very innovative indeed.

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The story is too old to be commented.