Level-5 Reveals Five New Games

Level-5, the independent Japanese developer that's worked on everything from early PlayStation 2 RPG Dark Cloud to the world-beating, epic Dragon Quest VIII, is celebrating the tenth anniversary of their founding. Normally this would call for some cake and maybe letting the staff go home a bit early, but nothing doing for the outfit that Akihiro Hino and friends founded a decade ago -- after all, they're a big-name publisher in Japan now, and in the upcoming Level-5 Vision 2008 event in Tokyo (starting September 26), the company plans to announce five brand-new games that show exactly how versatile Hino's software house has become.

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meepmoopmeep3529d ago

dammit! why not make a PS3 horror-RPG!!!
i love me survivor horrors and one from Level-5 for a current gen platform
would be freaky!

i hope there will be more surprises than this list
*cough*Dark Cloud3PS3*cough*

Vojkan3529d ago

Because PSP is massive in Japan, smart pants! Also development cost in cheaper on PSP so 2+2=4 not 5

meepmoopmeep3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

yeah, you're right,

but I AM more important than Japan
so are my wants.



and i think DS is more massive over there.

Homicide3529d ago

Ushiro sounds very interesting. The only one that I like from that list. Izunma sounds very stupid. Middle school soccer team saves the world. WTF?

geda3526d ago

yeah it sounds pretty stupid... but seeing as these guys pulled off a strategy rpg about joan of arc and a few other outlandish games i have no doubt that they will own with it

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heyheyhey3529d ago

aww come on, more Japan-centered handheld games? i sincerely hope this isn't the extent of Level 5's line-up for their convention

where's DC3, Rogue Galaxy 2?

ash_divine3529d ago

I'm sure there's more. after all, the Level 5 Vision 5000 hasn't even started yet(it's Friday, I think). and none of those are particularly "shocking".

steck673529d ago

Sony should really buy out Level-5, and have them become 1st party developers for the Playstation brand.

RememberThe3573529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

If they don't do it some one else will. That seems to be the nature of the industry. Plus, having The quality of Level-5 in the pool of first party cooperation at Sony would help everyone of the studios Sony owns. One thing they need to be careful of, however, is getting too large, but if Level-5 is willing to be absorbed, Sony should jump on the chance. We all know that they would be well worth the risk, and would probably pay for them selfs a number of times over.

JRaptor3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

I wouldn't think being too large is a concern for Sony's worldwide studios. All their studios are kept separate and maintain their own identities, unlike the EA version of absorbing them.
Buying them out would just be the equivalent of having a very iron-clad exclusivity contract...along with a bit more direction in what sort of games they would make.

They really need to buy Level 5 though. Japan is the one area that Sony has very little first party support and polyphony digital & team ico don't release their games very often. They need to compensate for the decreased third party exclusivity from Japanese developers.

tocrazed4you3529d ago


ps360s3529d ago

I never played Dark Cloud before! I keep hearing people talk about it but I did'nt really think much of it! I know I might be missing out...whats it like I might go buy it if theres a 3rd mention for the Ps3...don't want to be missing out now do i!

PirateThom3529d ago

Dark Cloud may be the most underated game in the entire PS3 library, both in acclaim and sales. Fantastic game.

RememberThe3573529d ago

I got too tired of all the reading(I'm dyslexic) and the random dungeons, plus the weapon creating kind of overwhelmed me at the time. However the shining light of the series so far, in my opinion, was the combat, which after playing Rouge Galaxy I think they have perfected. So the prospect of a Dark Cloud 3 is near perfection. With steller combat, great story telling, the weapon creation and the visuals we're seeing in WKC, they could be offering an unrivaled RPG line-up. But, with that said, we will just have to wait and see. Looking foreword too it.

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