IGN: Eternal Sonata PS3 Preview

Around the time of Eternal Sonata's original September release, rumors began to circulate that a PS3 release would be inevitable. An official announcement came down the line soon after claiming that the PS3 version was official and -- even more appealing to Sony fans -- the port would include a number of new features and two new playable characters. Now that October is steadily approaching, IGN would like to cover these new elements in a bit more detail and also post some brand new screens and videos for your viewing pleasure.

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Silogon3652d ago

Is this coming out in the states in October? That will be a pretty sweet deal if so. I'll no doubt buy it for the general lack of nothing else like it, other than folklore, which really isn't like it but amazing on its own accord. I'm so sick of FPs and racing games this is going to be a godsend!

meepmoopmeep3652d ago

i always wanted this game but LBP comes out the same day!

i'm asking my sis to buy this for me for Christmas.

pwnsause3652d ago

by the looks of the video, it looks like Namco Bandai has done a good job porting the game to the PS3.

[email protected]3652d ago

Well, I'm getting this without a doubt that's 4 sure...

But hey guys did u know there a official Eternal Sonata out there?
Here is the link for those that want to join there a bunch of stuff especially prizes for the members ^^

Here the link:

kewlkat0073652d ago

Buy it...

Especially if your into Music and such....

You'll also learn a little during the Period this game took place in...

Shaka2K63652d ago

Another multiplatform game best on Sony PS3.

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