Future Battlefield Games Could Incorporate Physicality of Mirror's Edge

Speaking in an interview, DICE senior producer Owen O'Brien and producer Tom Farrer revealed that future Battlefield games could incorporate some of the movement style and physics found in Mirror's Edge.

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LikAChicken3466d ago

I can't even get mirrors edge this year. my budget won't allow it.
i need a job...

Blip Blip3466d ago

I hope to God Dice doesn't do this. Complicated platforming or doing anything erratic with the camera in first person is a huge f**k up, and Mirror's Edge is a perfect example. I get a headache just from watching the video's. I definately won't be buying the next Battlefield if they do this.

perseus3466d ago

I hope they do it! That would be excellent. It has nothing to do with platforming, it's all about freedom of movement. There's a hundred times when I wished I could jump out onto the top of a fence and run along it to get someone from behind.

Do it, DICE. I'll buy two copies to make up for the guy above me.